Seagull at beach

My Sunday Photo – Seagulls

My Sunday Photo for this week is of seagulls at the beach.

Perfect Autumn weather calls for outdoor fun. Cool, clear mornings quickly warm up to the ideal temperature for parks and walks. Yesterday was as good as it gets, so we had to get outside and make the most of it.

We headed to one of our favourite beaches. It has the winning combination of sand, long walks, grass and play equipment. When we first arrived it was snack time, and Hannah was soon stuck into a banana. That’s when these locals joined us!

Seagull at beach

Many people don’t like seagulls, and I understand why. They can be aggressive, particularly when food is involved. However, they are also beautiful creatures, and a lot of fun to observe through a telephoto lens.

This series of photos is of one seagull who was bathing himself in a shallow ocean rock pool. We had a great time watching him do his thing.

I used a fast shutter speed of 1/2000, because I wanted to freeze the action completely. I love the way that you can see the drops of water pooling on the seagull’s back and running off.


9 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Seagulls

  1. Ha ha, yes, I love the line about using a telephoto lens. The best way to photograph seagulls in case they try to eat you! Impressive shots though. I like the detail, especially in the first image. #MySundayPhoto

  2. Amazing pictures, I normally see seagulls as pests on the beach that steal ice-cream but your pictures show them amazingly Also how clear is that water? its a far cry from the muddy water we have in England #MySundayPhoto

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