Hannah on Globber Scooter in the park

My Sunday Photo – Scooter in the Park

My Sunday Photo for this week is of Hannah’s first ride of her scooter in the park

On Friday, Hannah’s new Globber scooter arrived (you can read my first impressions post here). naturally, that meant that we were destined to spend a large portion of our weekend on the local bike tracks.

It was a slow start to Hannah’s scooting career, mainly due to a reluctance to don a helmet, but once we got going, there was no stopping her (at least until she’d had enough of the helmet again)!


Hannah with Globber scooter ride in park helmet


Hannah covered a solid distance for her first ever go! I would estimate it at about a kilometre in total of riding. She also then walked a further half a kilometre when she decided that she wanted to be like mum and push the scooter by the handlebars. No wonder she was tired by the time we left the park.


Globber scooter in the park pushed by toddler


Hannah was happy to push herself along for a little while, but the squeals of joy really came out when I started pushing with a bit of speed! She loved experimenting with her feet by dragging them along the ground, or placing her foot on the wheel to feel the movement (see the picture below). I don’t think that pair of socks will ever be the same. As for the shoes, they may not be long for this world…



14 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Scooter in the Park

    1. She’s well on her way, even after one go. I think it will only be a matter of weeks before she’s ready to try the standing position, then from there, who knows? She has good balance (as a grandfather in the park pointed out when she was on the big swing the other day).

    1. Scooters are fantastic! She’s been eyeing them off for a while, such a thrill to now see her on one of her own and loving it!

    1. She’s doing really well with the balance already. I think that’s where starting in a seated position really helps. We were stopped by a dad who wanted to know what it was, because his little girl has having too many accidents on her stand-up one. I don’t think it will be long before Hannah is standing.

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