Rust Bucket

My Sunday Photo – Rust Bucket

My Sunday Photo for this week is titled Rust Bucket

After a short break over the Christmas and New Year period, I’m back for My Sunday Photo in 2018. If you don’t know what I’m on about, head over to Darren’s website, Photalife, and check it out. It’s my favourite link up each week, I love looking at all the amazing photos from around the world!

A couple of days ago we went for a great walk long the Botany Bay foreshore. It was a beautiful day to be out and about, and we had a lot of fun, especially when we stumbled upon a brilliant and mostly deserted playground. The only downside to our walk was an unfortunate scooter accident, but even that wasn’t too bad (…other than the rivers of blood).

I got a little slack in 2017 and began to rely too much on our excellent Sony RX100 point-and-shoot. In 2018 I plan to make the effort to take the Nikon D5100 with me a lot more, there’s nothing more satisfying than using a DSLR – even my entry-level gear fills me with joy!

I took a stack of great photos at the playground, but I also noticed an interesting sight out in the bay.


The Rust Bucket

Rust Bucket
Rust Bucket – Nikon D5100, AF-S Nikkor 55-300mm @195mm, f/5 1/3200 s, ISO100


I always find these kinds of things fascinating. Surely that was once a boat that cost someone a lot of money. How did it come to be in the state it is in, and why is it moored where it is moored? Is it sitting there just waiting to die, or does someone have grand plans of bringing it back to life?

Whatever its story, I really enjoyed photographing it. It’s times like this where having a decent zoom lens comes into play. I could tell from the shore that it was in pretty bad shape, but I couldn’t make out any of the details. It was interesting to see the graffiti and the rubbish pile on the back. As for the seagull, I only noticed that when I zoomed in to 100%. Click on the above image to see it full size.

I wonder what will become of this rust bucket.


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21 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Rust Bucket

  1. Actually, I’ve paid someone a couple of hundred dollars for that boat. My family and I are going to escape Brexit Britain by sailing over to Aus where we’ll start our lives again in a proper country. Do you think it will last the journey?

    1. Wouldn’t have a clue. I doubt it has a working motor, anything of value musty surely have been stripped off it by now, judging by the vandalism.

  2. It does seem a shame to let a boat fall into this state of disrepair, but I bet they aren’t cheap to maintain. There is something to be said for messing about with a DSLR, my dogs and my camera are things I can’t imagine living without.

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  3. Wow, I wonder…… maybe you could take it on and do it up – It looks like it isn’t taking in water, so pretty good nick.

    You could maybe put your photo in the local paper and ask around, they may well buy your picture for marketing their sale 😉

    Really nice shot, well done!

  4. I do love a rusty boat. My family think I’m bonkers photographing wrecks but I agree – it’s fascinating. Who do they belong to? Why are they abandoned? Really speaks about the power of the sea.

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