My Sunday Photo – Kogarah Bay from Carss Bush Park

My Sunday Photo for this week is of Kogarah Bay. It comes from our Friday adventure to Carrs Bush Park.

Our local library wasn’t running its usual Rhyme Time activities this week, due to school holidays, so we set out to make our own fun instead. Kogarah Bay was our destination, as the playground at Carrs Bush Park came highly reccomended and it was well worth the trip.

I snuck in a little walk along the foreshore of Kogarah Bay before we hit the swings, and Hannah was patient enough to let me take a few shots.

We had a lovely Autumn day. The sun still had plenty of warmth in it, and even in the shade of the covered playground it was still very pleasant.

Hannah, as always, didn’t pass up the oportunity to get down and dirty in the mud. She had a great time.

It’s only dirt

My Full review of Carss Bush Park can be found here.

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