Footprints in sand at beach

My Sunday Photo – Footprints in Sand

My Sunday Photo for this week is called Footprints in Sand

As we have come to expect this winter, Sydney turned on another beautiful Sunday. Not quite as warm as last week’s stunner, but pretty good nonetheless. There was no way that we were going to let such a day go to waste, so we jumped in the car and headed to a favourite spot of mine, Dolls Point. The beach was fairly empty, so Hannah had a fair territory to explore all on her own. She had no problem with running far away from me to do it. At one point, all I was left with was these footprints in sand.


Footprints in sand at beach
Hannah was happy to explore all on her own


Judging by all the other footprints, the beach had been visited constantly throughout the morning. There is a popular footpath above the beach, and I’m sure quite a few people had been unable to resist the urge to jump down and enjoy the soft, white sand as part of their walk. Not too many stopped to play in the sand though…


Playing in the sand
Hannah loves playing in the sand, even in the middle of Winter


This stage of toddlerhood is proving to be a most enjoyable time. Hannah is so mobile and growing in confidence. She loves to play and explore her environment. Everything is new and enjoyable. It is all out there, waiting for her to experience it!


15 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Footprints in Sand

  1. We would want to play in the sand too! It looks so fine and powdery. Love the picture of her just out of shot. We’re also fans of the Footprints in the Sannd poem x #MySundayPhoto

  2. A child….on a beach….in Sydney….in fleece clothing. This, my friend, is confusing to a whinging pomm. How awesome to have the beach to yourselves ! #mysundayphoto

  3. Love this photograph and everything it implies. In years to come the scenery will be different and the footprints will be bigger but you always have this picture and this memory. love it.

    Really loving the blog.

  4. You are having a better winter than we are a summer. It’s just so wet and windy that the beach is no fun as the sand gets blown into our faces. I love the colour of the sand too #MySundayPhoto

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