Dream Machines Exhibition, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery

My Sunday Photo – Dream Machines at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery

My Sunday Photo for this week was taken at the Dream Machines exhibition, at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery

It was a fairly gloomy-looking Saturday, so we went in search of indoors fun. A quick trip into the Sutherland Shire brought us to the Hazelhurst Regional Gallery. The exhibition that we had come to see was called Dream Machines. It had sparked my interest when I watched the promotional video on their website.

Surprisingly, the gallery was fairly empty when we arrived. I can’t say the same for the attached café, which always seems to be teeming with life whenever we have ventured into this Gymea gem. I blame the Roti Stack, it’s a seriously tasty Rogan Josh dish. But I digress, the actual gallery its self was fairly devoid of human life.

Unfortunately, Hannah did not last long in the Dream Machines exhibition. The concepts were a bit beyond her level of comprehension and the darkened room appeared to intimidate her a little. Emma and Hannah quickly left the exhibition in search of lighter, more toddler-friendly parts of the gallery.

I stayed for a while to enjoy the various contraptions that had been built by a range of interesting Australian artists. I admire those in our society with a creative spirit, and each of the artists featured in this exhibition are very much “outside the box” thinkers. While I enjoyed all of the featured works, the one that most caught my eye was This Isn’t Happening, by Jacki Middleton and David Lawrey.

The thing I really enjoyed about this set of three miniature scenes was the element of human interaction that was required to make them work. A wind-up handle enabled the viewer to set the tiny figure in motion as she completed some fairly undesirable household tasks. As no-one else was around, I took the opportunity to take a couple of photos so that I could share the exhibition here and encourage others to get over to Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and have a look.


Dream Machines Exhibition, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery

This photo was my favourite, because it shows the detail of the miniature figure and the movement of the hand with the cleaning cloth. The look on the character’s face says it all. I bet a few of you have had that look before, I know I have.

I thought the exhibition was well worth checking out. Best of all, it’s free to enter (although they do accept donations and you will probably end up spending some money at their excellent café!). More information can be found on the Hazelhurst Regional Galley website.



6 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Dream Machines at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery

  1. Your photos certainly suggest a fun exhibition. the kind that would keep my kkids entertained for ages. Alas, a little far away to visit but c’est la vie. #MySundayPhoto

  2. I can see why a little one might not love it, but it does sound like a worthwhile exhibit. Stuff in the dark unless it’s movie that captures their interest and comes with treats doesn’t often work.

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