Tomato Plant Flower

My Sunday Photo – The Confused Tomato Plant

My Sunday Photo for this week is of my confused tomato plant.

I’m not much of a green thumb. I have a little vegetable garden and a nifty vertical garden in the back yard of our townhouse. Over the years I have tried growing things, with varying degrees of success. It turn out that I’m a most excellent chili farmer, but I’m not really great at anything else. So I guess it should have come as no surprise that I have managed to confuse a tomato plant.

Last Spring I purchased a small tomato plant form a local nursery. It grew rapidly, flowered, fruited a couple of times, then suddenly and inexplicably (do tomato plants need water?) died. Of the small bounty of fruit, a few were attacked by caterpillars. These half-eaten tomatoes must have dropped back into the garden bed.

I thought nothing more of that failed attempt to grow tomatoes. That was, until mid-Autumn, when a curious little plant emerged from the soil. Once again it grew rapidly, and soon enough the familiar shape of a tomato plant emerged.

I wasn’t too interested in this development. Winter was fast approaching after all, and my limited experience in the garden told me that the new plant would quickly die off. Nothing to get excited about. I didn’t bother to water it (again) and the cold weather kept me from spending much time in the backyard.

The other day, however, I had a closer look. The tomato plant was now huge, and, much to my surprise, small flowers had emerged. Could it be that this tenacious little wonder is determined to live, despite my careless treatment? Is it possible that it will gift me mid-winter tomatoes? Time will tell…


Tomato Plant Flower


If you have any tips for keeping this little wonder going, please leave them in the comments below. Your reward will be a photo of a delicious, red tomato, should one grow!


6 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – The Confused Tomato Plant

  1. Hi James, I too am a hopeless gardener, the good news is that tomato plants seem quite forgiving. I don’t see why your tomato plant won’t bear fruit early winter, I suppose it would depend on the temperatures. You could always stick it in a gro-bag (are they still a thing?) and take it indoors to ensure you get at least some fruit from it…. Good luck!


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