Build Something with Duplo

My Sunday Photo – Build Something

My Sunday Photo for this week is titled Build Something

One of my favourite things to do with Hannah is build things with Duplo. The older she is, the more interested she is becoming in the wonderful plastic blocks. Her imagination seems to run wild when she plays with the contraptions we build.

Hannah’s Duplo collection is quite substantial and one of our favourite challenges is to use all of the blocks from the various sets to build a house of fun. Each time we do this, we come up with an amazing and completely different design. Hannah will then sit for hours and explore every nook and cranny of the structure.

The following photos are from this week’s build. As you can see, we had fun! All of the photos were taken with the awesome Panasonic LUMIX TZ110.


Build Something with Duplo
I’d look happy too if that was my lunch.


Build Something with Duplo
Just chatting to the cat, nothing to see here.


Build Something with Duplo
Things got a little… big.


Build Something with Duplo
It’s a long way down.


Build Something with Duplo
Enough room inside to park the dump truck… with a horse in the tray. Also comes with a full bathroom – what a palace!


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5 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Build Something

  1. Amazing colours and angles. My son loves his Lego too. I love it so much when he is building things. When he is playing Lego he is not only building bricks but stories in his head as well. #mysundayphoto

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