Start Little, Learn Big

It is just a matter of days until Hannah starts at day care. It’s hard to believe, and a little lump forms in my throat every time I think of the tiny little baby I first held in my arms almost two years ago, and the progress she has made. Hannah is now a fun-loving, confident and inquisitive little girl.

Starting day care marks the start of Hannah’s formal education. Of course, she has been learning since day one, but from this point on she will spend a few days each week with trained educators.

As I said, Hannah’s education actually started from the moment she entered this world. Emma and I have done our very best to introduce her to her surroundings – to help her understand how everything works and to develop a vocabulary, to give things names and identities.

Books have been a massive part of this. We have given Hannah a wide range of books to interact with, from narratives to word books and everything in between. All of these have helped her to build her vocabulary and identify the names of objects in her world.


The Start Little, Learn Big Series

To celebrate the beginning of Hannah’s formal education, we were sent four books from Parragon. They are all from the Start Little, Learn Big series of early education books, and they are all great examples of books that help toddlers learn.

Each book contains bright, engaging, cartoonish pictures that Hannah loves. There is plenty happening on each page. This allows little eyes to wander around the page and find items, both familiar and new. In all four books, everything is labelled, so little readers can begin to become familiar with the words.

Parragon sent Hannah two Lift-the-Flap books Colours and Opposites. Colours takes the tiny reader on an adventure through a house. Each page has a different colour theme, which is great for repetition and familiarisation.

Opposites takes the reader through a variety of familiar settings, from the beach to the home. On each flap there is a picture (and word), then underneath the flap there is its opposite. This is great for Hannah, who has just begun using some descriptive words (and loves to lift flaps!)

The other two books are First Words books – My Very Busy Day and Things That Go. These books are designed to help build toddler vocabulary around everyday objects. They also include a range of simple phrases. These are great for kids like Hannah who are just beginning to string a few words together. I particularly like the tabs down the side of the books, to help the reader find the part of the book they want to look at. These books are ideal for kids aged 3-5, so they will become more and more engaging for Hannah over time.

Parragon’s Start Little, Learn Big series is a great place to look for engaging early education books.


Disclosure – Parragon provided Blog Of Dad with these Start Little, Learn Big books free of charge, for the purpose of review. The views expressed in this post are entirely my own, based on my experiences with the books. For further information, please visit my disclosure statement.

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