Samsung Odyssey G5 Curved Gaming Monitor Out Now

Images courtesy Samsung

Curves were once reserved for the most premium of gaming monitors, but thankfully that is beginning to change. Quality monitor manufacturers know the benefits of the curve in improving user immersion during gameplay, which is why they are working hard to incorporate the technology into affordable panels. One of the best in the business, Samsung, have just released their most accessible curved gaming monitor in the Odyssey line-up yet – the Samsung Odyssey G5 curved gaming monitor.

Samsung Odyssey G5 Curved Gaming Monitor

The Samsung Odyssey G5 packs many of the features of its premium brothers into its 27″, 32″ or 34″ display, including the awesome 1000R optimal curve. If you have never experienced this in real life, do yourself a favour and head down to your local retailer to check it out!

In addition the stunning curve, the Samsung Odyssey G5 shows off with a WQHD resolution and a smooth 144hz refresh rate on the 27″ and 32″ models, and an even smoother 165hz on the 34″ model. While that isn’t quite as silky smooth as the flagship G9’s 240hz, it is a massive step up from the 60-75hz that many gamers are used to. All of the Samsung Odyssey monitors feature a fast 1ms response time for precise and reliable gaming.

Samsung Odyssey G5 Curved Gaming Monitor

AMD Freesync Premium rounds out the gamer-focussed inclusions and would be very welcome news for those running on Team Red GPUs. Nvidia users may prefer to spend a little extra for the G-Sync compatibility of the G7.

The Samsung Odyssey G5 is available now from and leading resellers.

RRP is a competitive $499 for the 27”, $599 for the 32” and $849 for the slightly higher spec 34”.

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