Roly Poly – Mem Fox and Jane Dyer

Roly Poly

With over 40 books for adults and children to her name, there is no doubt that Mem Fox is an Australian storytelling institution. Her classic, Possum Magic, is Australia’s bestselling picture book. It holds a special place on Hannah’s bookshelf, alongside other Mem Fox favourites Where is the Green Sheep? and the Bonnie and Ben books.

Roly Poly tells the story of a little polar bear who suddenly has to deal with the arrival of a little brother he didn’t ask for (unsurprisingly, such a storyline was immediately engaging to Hannah, who had to wrap her head around the arrival of a little brother too!). He doesn’t want to share his favourite things with “Monty”. While his parents think that one day he will adore Monty, Roly Poly just wishes him gone. Then, one day, as the ice cracks and Monty begins to float away, that wish becomes a reality.

Roly Poly pretends not to notice. As Monty cries for help, he pretends not to hear. But maybe he is beginning to adore Monty after all…

Jane Dyer’s unique polar bears are created through a process of needle felting and they add an extra dimension of interest to this story.

You can find Roly Poly on the Penguin website.

Disclosure – this book was provided to Blog of Dad free of charge for review. For further information, please visit my disclosure statement.

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