Road to Ruin

I enjoy running.

This is a relatively new development, but I would hesitate calling it a fad. I have certainly stuck with it longer than any other exercise regime I have ever attempted. I enjoy it because it makes me feel good, because I’m reasonably good at it, and because it is easy to get into – no expensive gym membership required.


The Story So Far..

I have been pretty happy with my progress as a runner. In fact, I am doing so well that I have dared to dream of running the City2Surf. It seems like such a huge goal – running 14 kilometres of the iconic race in under 100 days from now.

The goal is ambitious, but I have plenty of reason to believe that it is achievable. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m already half way there.


The Rain

Having recently discovered the joy of running Cronulla’s esplanade in the dim glow of predawn, I was eager to head down there again. However, as I drove out of my garage, my heart sank. I was faced with a steady drizzle of rain on my windscreen.

My first instinct was to reverse back in and head straight back to bed. But my second thought was that I was already in the car and I may as well see what the weather was like in Cronulla.

I headed out, but within half a kilometre the drizzle became a full-blown downpour. Again I contemplated turning around, but I was eager for a run and optimism won. On I went.

When I arrived in Cronulla, I smiled at my good fortune. The rain had stopped and things were looking up. Luck was on my side!

The Run

I strapped my phone to my arm and placed my brand-new Beoplay E8 wireless earphones in my ears. It was my first time testing them out and it’s fair to say I was a little excited about giving them a go. It briefly crossed my mind that perhaps there was the chance they could get wet, should it drizzle. But I knew they were splash-proof, so I threw caution to the wind and carried on.

Off I went. I felt good! The morning was cold but I soon warmed up. The path was all but empty and I smiled to myself. I had rolled the dice and won.

My pace was slow and steady. The ground was wet and deep puddles hid in the shadows. The last thing I wanted was to do myself some damage, especially now that I was over two kilometres away from my car. I was pushing for 8 kilometres, a new personal best. My plan was to run until my Fitbit told me I had run four kilometres, then turn around and head right back.

Then the drizzle returned.

That dampened my spirits (not to mention my person), somewhat. But it was not too bad. I reminded myself that my phone, Fitbit and earphones were all splash proof, and that I’m not made it sugar. A little rain never hurt anybody! On I went.

The drizzle turned into steady rain. I considered turning around, but now I was three kilometres in. I evaluated the situation and decided to continue. After all, I had a goal to reach. I was now a serious runner and I’d be damned if a little water stopped me. With the fanatic zeal of the newly-converted, I mentally scolded those who were driven away from their normal exercise by a little bit of moisture. Rain never hurt anybody!

I nodded at the few other souls who had braved the weather. They were now fellow brothers and sisters in running – committed to their self-improvement and undeterred by simple setbacks such as a little sprinkle of water. On I went.

Pissing Down

There is no other way to describe it – it began pissing down.

I was soaked to the bone. My zeal had gone, washed away by the predawn downpour. I abandoned my quest for an 8 kilometre run and turned around for home. I was 3.5 kilometres from my car.

I’m not going to lie, a few choice swear words were uttered.

I was uncomfortable and unhappy, but I had little choice. There was only one way back to comfort and dryness.

To add to my woe, the wind that had been at my back was now blowing in my face. I worried for the brand-new Bang & Olufsens in my ears, they were now in the direct line of the downpour. I wondered how I would explain my stupidity to the very kind PR representative who entrusted them to me for review.

Fortunately, the E8s were more than up to the task. They were untroubled by the excessive moisture and continued to provide the only source of comfort on the otherwise dismal run.

I ran as fast as I could, but soon enough I was out of steam. It was at that point that I was gifted a small reprieve – the rain turned to drizzle, then eventually it stopped.

Regrets? I’ve Had A Few…

I lumbered on. All I wanted was to get back home and have a long, hot shower. By the time the car was in sight I was barely traveling at walking speed.

I collapsed into the car. It took a few minutes for me to catch my breath and I felt a little dizzy. I headed home.

I felt a little better after a hot shower, but that was short lived. As I stood in the kitchen making porridge for breakfast, a sudden urge to vomit overwhelmed me. To cut a long and… disgusting story short, I spent the next two days in bed feeling extremely sick.

I should stress that the run in the rain wasn’t the cause of the illness, but it definitely exacerbated it. There was a good reason why there weren’t many people on the path that morning – they knew better. I do too now and it won’t be happening again any time soon.

The problem with my newfound caution is that this happened two weeks ago and I have only run twice since. Every time I wake up and I’m not feeling quite right, or the weather looks bad, I just don’t go. That is certainly not ideal for helping me realise my goal of participating in the City2Surf this year.

I think I may need a wet weather plan… any suggestions?

A Little Help From My Mates (Product Disclosure)

The Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 headphones were provided to Blog of Dad free of charge, to use during training for the City2Ssurf. If I’m going to train for one of the best running races on Earth, I may as well use the best equipment!

The Fitbit Blaze was provided to Blog of Dad for inclusion in the 2017 Christmas Gift Guide for Dads. It has been a vital part of my running regime ever since – a constant motivator of self-improvement strapped to my wrist!

I have been offered complimentary entry into the 2018 City2Surf, to help inspire me on my fitness journey.

To find out more, read my disclosure statement.

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