I went walking

I Went Walking


I really do love this book written by Sue Machin and Julie Vivas. It is a lot of fun to read with Hannah. The simple page layout with large, colourful pictures grabs her attention easily.
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The Gruffalo Book

The Gruffalo

A cocksure mouse goes for a walk down a forest path in broad daylight. Unsurprisingly, given his position on the food chain, he is soon noticed by a range of predators. Luckily for the mouse, the predators don’t follow their natural instincts and gobble him up on the spot. Instead they engage in conversation. This allows the wily mouse an opportunity to escape by creating a mythical creature called The Gruffalo.

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sleeping baby monitor, Oricom, sc850

Oricom Monitor Video SC850


This Oricom baby monitor comes with a large, clear 4.3″ screen. This makes it easy for us to see what is happening and whether the noises coming from Hannah’s room are related to play or distress. The camera can be zoomed digitally so that you can also get a closer look, however, this does reduce the picture quality.

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ergoCocoon sleep bags



When Hannah was born, the midwives at the hospital showed us how to wrap her in a tight, comforting swaddle. It took quite a few goes, but eventually I became somewhat of an expert (self-proclaimed) at the art of swaddling.
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