Forza 6 Apex Ferrari Game computer red

Forza 6 Apex

One of my childhood dreams was to drive a Ferrari. There was something extremely alluring about the rosso corsa paint, the Prancing Horse emblem and the tan leather that made my little heart race like nothing else. That, and the speed… and the incredible sound.

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Braun thermoscan thermometer review earpiece temperature

Braun Thermoscan

As typical anxious parents of a first-born, we are the proud owners of a plethora of thermometers. After all, checking the little one’s temperature is the first port of call when something doesn’t seem right. Baby awake suddenly in the middle of the night? Check the temp. Baby not eating? Check the temp. Baby feels warm? Check the temp. If you have a baby or small child, you know the drill.

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The Wheels on the bus Rhyme Time

The Wheels on the Bus

The premise is simple enough. A town ruled by animals* has a well-utilized bus route. The narrator takes us through various aspects of the trip around town. Without giving too much of the plot away, we are shown the wheels, the wipers (hours upon hours’ worth of entertainment for my little girl), and the behaviour of anti-social youths who (apparently encouraged by their parents) seem to have mistaken the back seat of the bus for a jumping castle.


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I went walking

I Went Walking


I really do love this book written by Sue Machin and Julie Vivas. It is a lot of fun to read with Hannah. The simple page layout with large, colourful pictures grabs her attention easily.
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