Sumatran tiger, Symbio Zoo, wildlife park

Symbio Zoo

Just south of Sydney there is a zoo. It’s not the best known zoo in Sydney, or the most extensive, but it is a beautiful place and well worth a visit. The zoo is Symbio Zoo and we found it to be a fantastic place to take children. Travelling to Symbio Zoo We made the drive down the highway towards […]

shadow of swing Gough Whitlam Park Swings, baby, swinging, shadow

Gough Whitlam Park

Another Thursday and another adventure to one of Sydney’s great playgrounds. This week we visited Gough Whitlam Park in Earlwood. Gough Whitlam Park I had been a bit busy with work this week, so when Thursday arrived I hadn’t really planned out our day. First thing in the morning, I hopped onto Google Maps and searched around for any large […]

Sydney Park, chimneys, smoke stacks,

Sydney Park

Today’s adventure was to Sydney Park, on the fringe of Sydney City.   Sydney Park I must have driven past the chimneys a thousand times. They are hard to miss, after all. I had often wondered what they were used for, back in another age, when heavy industry was more common place around the city. What I had never realised […]

Kogarah Bay, Carss Bush Park, playground, Sydney, family friendly,

Carss Bush Park

Today’s outing was to Carss Bush Park, located in the Southern Sydney Kogarah Bay area. Carss Bush Park Carss Bush Park is the kind of place that you probably wouldn’t know about unless somebody told you. It’s hidden away at the back of the suburb Carss Park. I don’t know how easy it would be to reach by public transport, […]

Wollongong, Wollongong University Early Start Discovery Space

University Of Wollongong Early Start Discovery Space

I know what you’re thinking. Wollongong isn’t in Sydney. You’re right of course, it isn’t. But it is within easy reach of Sydney, and what it has to offer families makes it well worth the trip. The Early Start Discovery Space, on the grounds of The University Of Wollongong, is the perfect place for a day trip. The Early Start Discovery […]

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