Vornado VMH300 Whole Room Heater

Vornado VMH300 Whole Room Heater


As Australians, we seem to have an incredibly short-term memory when it comes to cold weather. We enjoy those amazing, long hot summers, then… cold. Then we whinge and whine and complain about how cold it is, as if the exact same thing didn’t happen last year, and the year before, and the year before…

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Philips Azur Elite

Philips Azur Elite Steam Iron

Ironing is one of my most hated household chores. It’s tedious, time consuming and I never seem to be able to achieve good results. There are always a few creases that just don’t seem to disappear, no matter how many times I run the iron over them. Add to that my tendency to not pay attention to settings (I’ve ruined a few good clothes) and you start to get the picture.

However, it was recently suggested to me that perhaps I just wasn’t using the right equipment. Perhaps my ancient, bargain-basement iron (whose “steam” function gave up long ago) just wasn’t up to the task. Perhaps a new iron could change my outlook, perhaps it could make me… apathetic, or even… *gasp* like ironing.

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Blog of Dad Reviews

Skip Hop Owl Booster Seat

I hate clutter. It is the bane of compact family living – when the townhouse begins to accumulate clutter, it begins to feel very small. When that clutter is controlled or removed, the townhouse feels spacious and luxurious.

Some clutter cannot be helped. This is, after all, a functioning house in which a toddler lives. It would be absurd to try and maintain it as a Pinterest-worthy show house. We need to have toys and books in places where Hannah can easily access them.
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Braun thermoscan thermometer review earpiece temperature

Braun Thermoscan

As typical anxious parents of a first-born, we are the proud owners of a plethora of thermometers. After all, checking the little one’s temperature is the first port of call when something doesn’t seem right. Baby awake suddenly in the middle of the night? Check the temp. Baby not eating? Check the temp. Baby feels warm? Check the temp. If you have a baby or small child, you know the drill.

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