JBL Link 300

Late last year I raved about the JBL Link View. It impressed me with its excellent sound and the addition of a screen for a smart speaker in an environment such as the kitchen just seemed to make sense.But what about in spaces where that screen isn't needed?JBL have an answer for that too, … Continue reading

Tello, Powered By DJI

Drones are one of those technologies that have rapidly developed over the past few years. Not so long ago it was a novelty to see a drone in the sky, but now they seem to be everywhere. When I go for my sunrise run at Cronulla, flocks of them buzz up into the sky as soon as the first rays poke over … Continue reading

JBL Link View

It was only half way through 2018 that smart speakers entered the Blog of Dad house, yet quickly they became an integral part of our daily lives. For the toddler, being able to ask Alexa for her favourite music was a revelation. We have tried several Alexa-enabled speakers over the past few months, … Continue reading

Logitech Harmony Elite

Do you know what I find frustrating? Remote controls. They seem to multiply in my household, yet incomprehensibly the ONE remote I am looking for can never be found. Every time I buy a new device, it comes with a remote control. Then I have to learn how to use the damned thing all over … Continue reading

B&O PLAY Earset Review

Regular readers will be familiar with me raving about the incredible B&O PLAY E8 wireless earbuds. They have been an integral part of my training for the City2Surf in recent months.While I think they are absolutely brilliant, I know that the earbud design is not to everyone's liking. … Continue reading