Puro Sound Labs BT5200 headphones

PURO SOUND LABS BT5200 Headphones

Puro Sound Labs blew me away with their excellent BT2200 headphones for children. Now they are back with the adult-sized BT5200 wireless headphones. Can they possibly be as good?   Sound Quality – Puro Sound Labs BT5200 Headphones Let’s cut straight to the chase. Sound quality is the most important factor in a set of headphones. Bells and whistles are […]

Skip Hop Owl Booster Seat

Skip Hop Owl Booster Seat

I hate clutter. It is the bane of compact family living – when the townhouse begins to accumulate clutter, it begins to feel very small. When that clutter is controlled or removed, the townhouse feels spacious and luxurious. Some clutter cannot be helped. This is, after all, a functioning house in which a toddler lives. It would be absurd to […]

Duplo Family Fun Fair

DUPLO – Family Fun Fair

The first thing I need to do in this review is acknowledge my own personal bias. I have loved LEGO products for as long as I can remember. As a kid we had Duplo, then Fabuland (remember that?), then finally full-blown LEGO. Some of my fondest childhood memories revolve around those toys. I look on LEGO products favourably, because I […]

WÜSTHOF 4680/16 - 16 cm Cleaver in pumpkin

WÜSTHOF 4680/16 – 16 cm Cleaver

The WÜSTHOF 4680/16 – 16 cm Cleaver impressed me early on with its weight and great balance, but how do I feel about it now that I have had one in my kitchen for a couple of months? Read on to find out…   Quality – WÜSTHOF 4680/16 – 16 cm Cleaver Anyone who has ever held a WÜSTHOF knife […]

Panasonic ES-SL33 Rechargeable shaver

Panasonic ES-SL33 Rechargeable Shaver

I have been using the Panasonic ES-SL33 Rechargeable Shaver for almost two months, since it featured on my Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Australian Dads. So, how does it stack up? Read on to find out…   Call me old fashioned, but I had always been a manual shaver kind of guy. It’s not that I had never tried electric […]

Fitbit Blaze dad fitness

Fitbit Blaze

When I was sent the Fitbit Blaze a couple of months ago, my first impressions of the product were very positive. But how does it stack up after two months of regular use in the real world? In my experience, extremely well.   No Magic Bullets The first thing I want people to understand about the Fitbit Blaze, or any […]

Globber Evo 5-in-1

Globber EVO 5-in-1 Review

A few months ago, the good people at Globber sent over a Globber EVO 5-in-1 scooter for Hannah to try. My immediate reaction was that it looked like a great contraption for Hannah to learn on. Her immediate reaction was equally as positive – no longer did she need to try and commandeer a ride from unsuspecting children at the […]

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