Queensland Adventures: Part 1, booking on a budget

Queensland! Beautiful one day, perfect the next? Let’s hope so, because soon I’ll be dragging the family up there on our first ever plane trip with a baby!

Those of you who follow my blog closely will remember that we had our first adventure away from home in September, 2016. We weren’t bold enough to fly, so we drove to the Central Coast.

Four months on, we are ready to try our first flight, from Sydney to Brisbane. This will involve approximately 1.5 hours on an aircraft, so it shouldn’t be too stressful (famous last words).

For the first time ever, I booked both our flights and accommodation as a package through the one website – wotif.com. I did this because, despite my initial scepticism, it seemed to come out at a much cheaper price than booking things individually. The same flights on another popular website came to a total of $662.86AUD (for two seats, Hannah will travel in our lap). This did include a myriad of interesting additional fees, such as a “Booking Price Guarantee” of $12.95 and a “Servicing Fee” of $21.95.

A one-bedroom apartment in the centre of Brisbane was available for the four nights of our stay. The cheapest advertised price I could find was on Wotif.com, for $451.

Booking this way would have cost us over $1100, but somehow, Wotif.com were able to package the whole lot for around the $800 mark. This surprised me greatly as I had always assumed companies that offered package deals were selling convenience rather than value.

There was a slight hiccup with the booking process online, but a quick phone call to customer support sorted out the issue. A error in the computer system even led to a slightly lower price, once I had pointed out the issue. The staff member who assisted me was polite and very keen to resolve the issue as smoothly as possible.

I look forward to my first ever flight with a baby strapped to my lap, and our adventures in Brisbane. Any suggestions about things to do while we are there would be greatly appreciated. Leave them in the comments or via Twitter or Facebook. If you have any suggestions about cheaper ways to travel, I’d love to hear them too.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not affiliated with Wotif.com or its parent company Expedia. For this trip I paid with my own hard-earned cash. Your experience may differ, so I recommend checking a few different websites for prices before booking anything. It’s your money after all!

One thought on “Queensland Adventures: Part 1, booking on a budget

  • July 3, 2017 at 6:39 pm

    Gosh that is surprising that you got the package cheaper! Nice! Off to read part 2!


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