Dotonbori nightlife Panorama

My Sunday Photo – Dotonbori Nightlife

My Sunday Photo for this week is titled Dotonbori Nightlife I have finally gotten around to processing my photos from last year’s Japan adventure. We had the most amazing time on that trip, but it feels like it was so long ago already. Looking through the photos was a great reminder of all fun times we had. I have already used […]

This picture is better than vomit


Do you ever look at your toddler and think, gee I’m lucky that he/she doesn’t… (insert gross/awkward/scary/dangerous/obnoxious thing that other kids do)?   Well stop right there. Whatever you do, don’t complete the thought. Why? Because the universe has a way of punishing smug parents. And the punishment is brutal.   Of course, those who are publicly smug cop it […]

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