Breville Kitchen Wizz 8 plus, food processor

World’s Worst Food Blogger – Shiny New Things (Food Processor)

I like to think that I’m a fairly frugal kind of guy. I take pride in finding a deal and getting things as cheap as possible. Over time, I have learnt that this often means avoiding the very cheapest product available, as poor quality inevitably leads to premature failure and greater overall expense. These days, I search high and low […]

Megablocks, construction, blocks, car

My Sunday Photo – From Destruction to Construction

My Sunday Photo for this week is of Hannah’s first Mega Bloks construction This photo represents the reaching of a significant milestone for Hannah. It is a record of the first time that she has successfully constructed something with blocks. She has been playing with blocks for a long time, but that play has involved watching me build things, then knocking […]

Seagull at beach

My Sunday Photo – Seagulls

My Sunday Photo for this week is of seagulls at the beach. Perfect Autumn weather calls for outdoor fun. Cool, clear mornings quickly warm up to the ideal temperature for parks and walks. Yesterday was as good as it gets, so we had to get outside and make the most of it. We headed to one of our favourite beaches. It […]

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