New Year, New Baby

Now that Hannah is approaching her third birthday, I’m beginning to feel like I’ve got my head around this whole parenting thing. Of course, at the moment the balance is in our favour – two against one. Even if that one is fast becoming an expert in toddler-based persuasion techniques, at the end of the day Emma and I maintain the balance of power and all is right in the world (my world at least… the grumpy toddler, not so much).

To be fair on Hannah, she’s actually a pretty great little person. Sure, she has her own strong opinions about things, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. As a three year old it’s her duty to push boundaries and test limits, just as it is my role to show her where the line is and teacher her to negotiate. The grumpy times are pretty minimal.


Easier The Second Time

Given how well Hannah has turned out, it makes sense that we should dive right in and give it a second shot. Which is why, in April this year we will welcome into the world our second little person.

I imagine this will be a piece of cake. After all, we’ve done the hard yards with Hannah so we know how it all works. Plus, the new baby is going to have a most excellent big sister to do most of the hard work! Perfect!


Okay, maybe I’m a little delusional. Maybe the fun times with a walking, talking, fun-loving toddler have clouded my memories of just how tough those early days with a newborn can be.

Maybe I have no idea how a toddler who has had her parents’ undivided attention is going to cope with a tiny little human in the house. I’m sure she will want to help out a bit, but I also know there will be significant challenges for her and that we will have to take her (huge) toddler feelings into account while also juggling the newborn. That will be tricky.

I guess it’s even possible the new baby won’t take to sleep like Hannah did. That will be a challenge – everyone in this house LOVES sleep.


Whatever Will Be…

The truth is, I have no idea what to expect with our second child, other than the vague memory of it being hard work in the first few months. Thankfully, I did learn a thing or two the first time around. I remember that some things that I thought would be important just weren’t, and that other little things made a big difference.

Whatever happens over the coming months, I look forward to sharing the journey with you. Being a parent of a newborn is exciting times, whether it is the first or second time.

I imagine by the third time it’s a bit boring and tedious.

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