8 hour steak, scotch fillet

My Sunday Photo – The 8 Hour Steak

My Sunday Photo for this week is titled The 8 Hour Steak

The title for this photo pretty well says it all. This excellent scotch fillet (rib eye) spent a glorious eight hours in the oven at just 60 degrees Celsius. I turned the oven up to 120 for the final 10 minutes. The 8 hour steak is an ultimate example of my cooking motto – low and slow.


8 hour steak, scotch fillet


The result was a perfectly succulent and tender steak inside, with an all over caramelised crust. I also made a chimichurri sauce to go with it, but in true World’s Worst Food Blogger style, we ate all of that before I thought to take a photo.

If you love a good steak, so much so that you are willing to spend a whole day cooking it, then go ahead and give the 8 hour steak a go. I promise the result is worth it, if you get it right!




12 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – The 8 Hour Steak

  1. Oh my! That does look good! I’m not sure my husband would be prepared tp wait so long for his steak, but if I sneaked it in without him knowing I know he’d love it… How often I have forgotten to take photos until after the event is nobodies business!


  2. As much as I love slow cooked meat, steak is not one of my favourites. I’m sure the men of the household would love it though, it does look succulent.

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