My Sunday Photo – Bushfire Light

Last night we went to bed with the news that a significant bushfire was burning out of control in Sydney’s South-West. Strong winds had allowed it to jump containment lines with ease, and it was charging towards the suburbs of Holsworthy, Wattle Grove and Menai.

This morning the news was about as good as it could be. Firefighters had worked courageously through the night and, miraculously, no lives or houses were lost.

For many of us in Sydney who were unaffected by the actual fires, the scene was eerie this morning. The air was heavy with the distinctive smell of burning eucalypt. The raging winds of last night had calmed, which left a thick blanket of smoke haze across the suburbs. As the sun began to rise, the light filtered through the smoke, creating a surreal orange-red glow.

The light and shadows caught my eye as I opened the blinds. I was mesmerised by the mixture of vivid colour and shadows on the wall. I’m not sure my photo really does it justice…


Bushfire Light

Bushfire light


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