Shinjuku Scenes

My Sunday Photo – Shinjuku Scenes

My Sunday Photo for this week is titled Shinjuku Scenes

I’m back this week for My Sunday Photo after completely forgetting to post last week. Blame travel!

Japan is an amazing place, and there have been plenty of shots worthy of this post already, but I have chosen to show a series of photos from one of my favourite parts of Tokyo – Shinjuku.

My Shinjuku Scenes photos aim to capture the energy of the place. Shinjuku is everything you imagine Tokyo to be – neon lights, crowded streets, food everywhere. The streets of Shinjuku are best seen at night, when it really starts to liven up. Unfortunately, with a toddler in tow that wasn’t going to happen on this trip. The advantage of going in the day, however, is the brilliant view from the Tokyo Government Building. This series of photos shows some of the views from the top of the building, and some of the brilliant streetscape.







There’s plenty more where those came from. I’ll be posting about Shinjuku in depth in the coming days, so check back soon to find out all about it!



9 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Shinjuku Scenes

  1. Wow, Shinjuku is a massive city! And the buildings are so tall. I bet there is loads to see and do there, I really wouldn’t want to get lost though!

  2. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan. You’re photos are fab – although I feel a bit dizzy even look at the ones taken from great heights. #MySundayPhoto

  3. Japan has to be probably my favourite country to visit. My husband lived very close to here for a while so it was somewhere he first took me in Tokyo! Hope you had a brilliant time! (: #mysundayphoto

  4. Now these are what you call cityscapes! Amazing views and wow so many buildings, the most similar I have seen is looking out over Athens. Certainly very different to life on the farm in Cornwall where we can’t even see our neighbours house.

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