My Sunday Photo – Japan Flashback: Kyoto Downtown

I didn’t have much chance to get out and about with the camera this week, so it’s flashback time! I love trawling through my extensive collection of photos from our Japan journey last year. Every time I do, something catches my eye that I had forgotten about. Today it was this photo of the Kyoto downtown area.

There is nothing particularly special about this photo from downtown Kyoto. Yet somehow whenever I come across it in my album I stop and stare at it for a while. Maybe it is just because of my personal feelings towards that time and place – it was such an amazing time for our little family and I have a deep fondness for even the mundane experiences of walking along a city street.

But I think perhaps there is more to it. I think perhaps it is a good photo in its own right. Sure, it is a pretty ordinary scene, but there are little things that grab the eye. I have always found the shape of the Japanese taxis interesting, so they naturally jump out at me. Then there is the late afternoon light and the deep shadows. Finally, the strong diagonal lines draw my eye down the road.

Kyoto Downtown

Kyoto Downtown


What do you think, is this an interesting photo for you, or is it just another city street? Is what I feel about this photo entirely based on having been there and experienced it?

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