My Sunday Photo – Flight Paths

My Sunday Photo for this week is a long exposure of the flight paths over Cronulla and into Sydney’s Kingsford Smith airport. The photo was taken at around 5am. I used my Nikon D5100, with an exposure time of 135 seconds. I like how sharp and still the rock pool looks, while the sky above shows all the movement – not only of the first planes of the day coming in to land, but also of the stars through the sky as the earth rotates.

There’s nothing quite like this place, at this time, to remind me just how insignificant I am in the grand scheme of things. Some people find that thought troubling, but for me it is overwhelmingly liberating. There is no better way to let the stresses of life melt away.


Flight Paths

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Flight Paths

As always on a Sunday, I’m linked up to the excellent #MySundayPhoto linky. It’s hosted by Darren Coleshill on the website Photalife. I highly recommend you click on the link (or the badge below) and check out everyone’s photos.

If you want to see more photos from me, head over to the Blog of Dad Instagram page.



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