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My Sunday Photo – Duplo Fun

My Sunday Photo for this week is titled Duplo Fun

It’s been a fairly quiet week for me photo-wise, but I did manage to capture this moment of Duplo fun. It was no great feat to capture this, Hannah and I play together with Duplo almost every day. What I often forget to do is have the camera ready to capture our creations.

It’s a shame really, because we never build the same thing twice. Each time we come up with a unique way of putting all the parts together. That is one of my favourite things about Duplo/LEGO, but it also means that our daily masterpieces of engineering and architecture are forgotten forever, soon after the blocks are packed away for the day. I’m happy to have this reminder of just one of our creations, and I plan on remembering to take a few more photos of the weird and wonderful things we make together as time goes on.

This Duplo set has been particularly brilliant. It is the Family Fun Fair set that Hannah was sent for Christmas.


Duplo Fun
Just one of our many, many Duplo creations!


For those interested in the technical side of this photo, it was taken with my Nikon D5100 and 40mm f2.8 prime Mirco-NIKKOR lens. I used f3 for the narrow depth of field and shot hand-held (but resting on carpet) at 1/15s. ISO 1000.




17 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Duplo Fun

    1. They were simple, it’s just a matter or remembering to get down low and see it from that level. Even simple things become interesting from the right perspective (as your own #MySundayPhoto shows!)

    1. He is an “adult”, because he is larger than the kids. I think he is supposed to be a father. This may well be a reflection of my own personality that the dad is on the slide and not the child…

  1. We have a massive duplo love in our house and nothing is ever built the same twice here either. Our toddler loves all the duplo animals and people so I’m forever looking for the next one!

  2. We haven’t got into lego yet (Playmobil is our thing). It looks like a lot of fun though. I love the little glasses on the character. #MySundayPhoto

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