My Sunday Photo – Bug Tornado

With the warm, sunny days showing no signs of disappearing soon, we have been taking full advantage. The park is a popular destination.

Often I leave the camera at home, but on this occasion I wanted to get some photos of Hannah’s new-found love of climbing. She has always been interested in the ropes, but only now has she worked out how to climb them. There is something a little terrifying about having your 2 year old dangling precariously half a metre above your head, but she seems to love it!

As well as some great photos of a bold toddler loving life, I also like to turn the lens to the wildlife whenever I get a chance (hence the subject of recent My Sunday Photo posts). As I glanced around the playground, I noticed a very interesting phenomenon, made up of thousands of tiny bugs – a bug tornado!

The Bug Tornado

The bug tornado was fascinating to watch. Thousands of tiny bugs flew around in a small circle over one particular spot. I had no idea why they were doing it, but I really wanted to capture it. I thought it was best to try a couple of different settings and see which photos turned out well. Below are two very different photos of the bug tornado:


Bug Tornado
The bug tornado at a speed of 1/15


Bug Tornado
The bug tornado at a speed of 1/320


The bugs held their formation for quite a while. They must have stayed that way for at least a minute. If anyone can tell me why they did it, I sure would love to know!

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