Happy New Year!

Well would you look at that, 2018 is under way already!


I took a little break from the blog over Christmas and the New Year, as most people did. It was the most enjoyable, relaxing time spent in the great company of family. Hopefully you were able to relax and refresh over this time too.


2018 is already shaping up as a cracker, if this article about old people lining up for a bus is anything to go by. It’s great to see that we have left fake news in 2017 and moved on to the real stories that people need to know about. Hopefully the SMH hasn’t peaked too early, I have no idea how they plan to top this one over the remaining 363 days of 2018!


2017 was a brilliant year for me. We had amazing adventures, from small outings to local parks and the library to our epic Japan holiday. I have wonderful memories to treasure for a lifetime, and those, more than anything, will be what define the year for me.


I was fortunate enough to be able to work part-time and see Hannah transition from a baby into a toddler. It is mind-blowing the amount of progress and change that happens in such a short period of time. She made giant leaps, like learning how to walk and talk, but there were also a million other tiny changes along the way. I cannot express how much joy I feel from every one of those developments. There is no better feeling than witnessing your own child’s little personality unfold!


And what a personality Hannah has! She is a fun-loving, singing, dancing, counting whirlwind of positivity. Sure, there are plenty of moments when her giant emotions overtake her tiny self (she is a two year old after all). She can throw a tantrum with the best of them, and as a parent that can be frustrating and challenging to deal with. But when I really think about it, those are few and far between. Most of the time she is smiles, babbles and laughter. There’s nothing quite like a toddler to remind you of the pure joy that can be found in the simple things in life.


2018 will undoubtedly hold plenty of growth, challenge and adventure. There are big changes that we know are coming, such as starting Long Day Care. I’m sure there will also be plenty of surprises along the way too. Hannah will continue to grow and change rapidly. I can’t yet imagine the little girl she will have become by this time next year.


Happy New Year!

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