Happy New Year!

After a bit of a break to rest and relax, Blog of Dad is back for 2019!

I started the year in my favourite way – with a sunrise run beside the beach. For my mind, there are few things on earth that refresh the soul more than a run by the beach while the sun is rising.

It was a slow run, partly because I had been a bit slack with my exercise in the last few months of 2018, and partly because I kept stopping to soak it in! There were plenty of people about – a weird mix of those who were keeping the party going from the night before, and those who had woken early to enjoy the first sunrise of the new year.

At the end of my run, I was lucky enough to see a pod of dolphins making their way across the bay. If that doesn’t lift the spirits, nothing will! It was an amazing sight and the perfect way to start the new year.

Photographers were out in force, there will be no shortage of images of that first sunrise!

I stopped to take a few photos myself.


If you look really closely, there are dolphins in this picture


Pancakes for breakfast! Hannah loves pancakes.

The Big News of 2019

For my family, 2019 promises to be an interesting year. In April our little mob will grow a little bit bigger. Hannah will have to wrap her head around being a big sister, and Emma and I will be diving right back in to the newborn stage! It can’t be that hard the second time around… right?

Stay tuned for all things babies!


Happy New Year! I hope your 2019 is filled with all the good things!

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