Groegg2 – Because It’s Getting Hot in Here!

Regular readers of Blog of Dad will know how much of a fan I am of Grobags. I have reviewed several of them (and purchased many more!), and each time I have found the same thing – a high quality, child-friendly product that helps Hannah to sleep well. It’s no secret that I am a fan of the sleep bags, but what about the other products that The Gro Company offers? Today I am testing the Groegg2.


Refining an already great product

I should start by saying that we already own and regularly use an original Groegg. It is a product that sits in the corner of our living room and one that I consult on an almost daily basis. I find it accurate, reliable and easy to read. The colour-coding is handy – it provides a quick glimpse of the temperature situation in the room just by looking at the colour of the egg.

The main problem that I had with the original Groegg was that the glow was permanently on. That was great for quickly telling the temperature range, but it wasn’t ideal for Hannah’s sleep as she was used to sleeping in a completely dark room. I didn’t install it in her room because I didn’t want to introduce a light source into that environment.

While it was great to be able to tell the temperature while Hannah was playing and adjust her clothing accordingly, the real necessity with temperature monitoring is during sleep. Dressing a baby and using the right tog Grobag for the temperature conditions of the room is a key part to creating a safe sleep environment – something I take extremely seriously. I really wanted to be able to have a Groegg in Hannah’s bedroom.


Introducing the Groegg2

Enter the Groegg2! What The Gro Company have done is take an already useful product and tweak it slightly to provide a more customisable product. This enables it to suit the environment in which it is placed.

Does your child like to have a nice warm glow in the corner of their room while they sleep? Crank it to the brightest setting and let the Groegg2 help soothe bub to sleep. Or is your child more like Hannah – comfortable sleeping in a completely dark environment? In that case, turn the glow off and position the read-out so that it is out of the line-of-sight of the cot.


Groegg2 Glow
The Groegg2 with glow switched on


Groegg2 with glow switched off
The Groegg2 with glow switched off


There are also a couple of settings in between, so if you love the convenience of the colour-changing glow indicator, you can put it on the minimum setting. You can still see the pale glow at night, but it doesn’t light up the room like it’s Christmas!


How useful is a Groegg2?

What the Gro Egg does is provide a temperature reading at a glance, at any time of the day. The colour-coding is a particularly useful part of that.

During winter, when I got up at 5 in the morning, the pale blue light of the Groegg in the living room gently reminded me to turn on the heater and warm the house. That way the house would be ready before I removed Hannah from the snug warmth of her Panda-monuim sleep bag (yes, I’m still jealous that she sleeps in such soft comfort and I don’t).

Now that the Australian summer is on its way, the Groegg2 is an invaluable addition to Hannah’s bedroom. It means that I can tell at a glance how hot the room is and exactly which tog Grobag to place her in for a comfortable night’s sleep.

I think that kind of knowledge is priceless. While Hannah is at far less risk of SIDS now than she was as a tiny tot, the comfort in which she sleeps can have a profound effect on the quality of her sleep… and if she gets a quality night’s sleep, I get a quality night’s sleep!


Quality of the Groegg2

I have said it before and I’ll say it again – The Gro Company produce high-quality products. Their sleep bags are top-notch and I doubt they would settle for anything less than superb with any of their other products.

The Groegg2 is lightweight, but definitely not flimsy. The top, glowing part of the egg is pleasingly soft and squishy to touch. I’ll admit that I spent time in which I should have been writing this post gently stroking and squeezing the thing. Don’t laugh – you’ll do it too! It’s unavoidable.

The readout is easy to use in daylight and at night time. It is simplified from that of the original Groegg, with the smiley/frowny face removed. Personally I think that is a good thing, as I never felt that the little face was necessary. Also, as an Australian, I did find it a little funny that my original Groegg spent most of the year frowning at me because it was a little warm!

The Groegg2 is powered by a USB connection. That works well in Hannah’s room, because I can plug it in to her stereo system and sit it high on the shelf. That way the Groegg2 is right out of the way and there is one less dangling cord to hide. If I ever need to plug it into the wall, I will simply use one of my many old phone charger adaptors.

Of course, the main reason for having a thermometer is to accurately tell the temperature. If it can’t do that, then it is useless! In all of my testing I have found both the Groegg and Groegg2 to be accurate when compared to my scientific thermometer. They may not always say exactly the same thing, but the results are close enough. As with all thermometers, you have to make sure that the spot in which you place it is appropriate.


The top of my computer was not the most sensible place to put the Groegg2


Be prepared for Summer…

Now is a great time to put a Groegg2 in your child’s room. Spring has already thrown up some record temperatures this year and I’m sure summer is going to be equally challenging. A Groegg2 is one way of easily monitoring what is happening in your child’s sleeping environment. That is absolutely vital for those with newborns. It is also extremely handy for those with toddlers who value a good night’s sleep.


The Gro Company sent me a Groegg2 to test. Although the Groegg2 was provided for free, the comments within this post remain entirely my own reflections of my experience. For more information, visit my disclosure statement.

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