World’s Worst Food Blogger – The Green Banana Milkshake

Toddlers love vegies, right? It’s the first thing they look for on their plates – anything green is hovered up in seconds…

I assume reading that made you either laugh hysterically or damage something in a fit of rage. If your toddler is anything like Hannah, vegetables are things to be treated with extreme distrust and caution. She will spend hours diligently picking individual grains of rice of any piece of green goodness on her plate.

It’s slightly concerning. Healthy eating guidelines for toddlers suggest 2 1/2 servings of vegetables… EVERY DAY. What toddler does that? But it is important and it’s a battle we are determined to win. Eating habits start young and they have a profound impact on later life. While Hannah may not yet be the world’s biggest fan of vegetables, she doesn’t mind them when she doesn’t know they are there.


The Green Banana Milkshake

Recently we discovered an incredibly easy and tasty way to get more veg into Hannah’s diet. Basically, it involves blending fists-full of baby spinach with a banana and some milk. It is called The Green Banana Milkshake.

Green Banana Milkshake

The Recipe

One banana (I know the recipe says “green banana”, but don’t use a green banana. Use a ripe one. Even better, use a slightly over-ripe one. But don’t use one of those black mushy ones. They make my stomach churn.)
Fists-full of raw baby spinach (don’t be shy, you can put a ridiculous amount of the stuff in and it still doesn’t change the taste.)
Milk (about a cup, whatever.)
A sprinkle of LSA (if you want to get fancy)


Blend it

Drink it

The End!


Green Banana Milkshake


How simple is that? Hannah loves it. She now asks for a milkshake after her afternoon snack. She can easily drink a cup and a half of it and that counts for a significant part of her daily vegetable intake. Brilliant!

Make sure you have a good blender. We first tried making it with a stick mixer and Hannah found a chunk of spinach half way through her first cup. Needless to say that was the end of that. We now use the excellent blender attachment to the Breville Kitchen Wizz 8 Plus. It does a fantastic job of breaking the spinach up into a fine green mist.

I’ll be the first to admit that I was sceptical. I was not expecting great things when I took a sip. Much to my surprise, it tasted good! It tasted exactly like I remember a good-old-fashioned banana milkshake tasted from my childhood. Give it a go – you may just find sneaking those two-and-a-half serves of veg in each day becomes a whole lot easier.


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