Father’s Day 2019 Children’s Book Roundup

Father’s Day 2019 is almost here. Hannah and I love reading picture books together and so there is bound to be a book or two read when we spend time together this Father’s Day. There have been some great dad-themed books just released. Our favourites are the stunningly illustrated celebration of dads There’s Only One Dad Like You, the funny (and realistic) How Not To Annoy Dad, the brilliant explanations of why dad is bald in A Dinosaur Ate Dad’s Hair and I Love My Dad Because – filled with crafty activities that, once complete, turn the book into a special gift.



There’s Only One Dad Like You – Jess Racklyeft

There's Only One Dad Like You

There’s Only One Dad Like You is a magnificent and heartfelt celebration of life with dads. The beautiful illustrations are an highlight of this book. Painted in bold, primary watercolours, they show animal families going about their days with dad. There is a fish dad showing how to go with the flow, the firefly dad being a bright spark when lights are low, but my favourite line is the concluding sentence: “You teach me about this great big world… and how to enjoy the ride.”. I must say, though, it is Hannah that does a great job of showing me a thing or two about enjoying the ride!

You can find There’s Only One Dad Like You on the Affirm Press website



I Love My Dad Because – Petra James and Alissa Dinallo

I Love My Dad Because

I Love My Dad Because is a beautiful, interactive book that turns into a gift for Dad – just in time for Father’s Day. There are activities such as a fill the blanks story and colouring in the bed bugs dad tells not to bite. There is also a double page to fill in the height as your little one grows up, and pages for your little one to draw a picture of themselves and you, and trace their hand.

It is a colourful, fun and beautiful quality picture book. Something fun to fill in together and a lovely gift for Father’s Day.

You can find I Love My Dad Because on the Pan Macmillan website



A Dinosaur Ate Dad’s Hair – Trent Roberts and Chrissie Krebs


The poor Dad in this book isn’t granted a great many positive attributes. Not only is he folicly challenged, he is not presented as terribly bright or attractive. Don’t let that put you off though, because this book is certainly a fun story. So what did happen to Dad’s hair? Well first he says a dinosaur ate it. Next he says that he wove a blanket out of it while camping. The he tells the kids he made a rope from it to save the captain when he fell overboard the ship he was on. But the final story is the tallest tale of all. It just fell out?! Pull the other one Dad.

You can find A Dinosaur Ate Dad’s Hair here.


How Not To Annoy Dad – Dave Hughes, Holly Ife, Heath McKenzie


The kids in this koala family have their A-game on how not to annoy dad. One idea: visit interesting places together, like the library. Sounds wonderful… as the koala kids climb the book shelves, draw attention to the naked statue of the front of a book and loudly declare they need to do a really big poo right now.

I’m a little hesitant to read this one with Hannah lest she get any new ideas…Oh, who am I kidding, we may be able add a few pages of our own.

Great illustrations from Heath McKenzie, as always. Dad koala sure does bare and uncanny resemblance to Dave Hughes!

You can find How Not To Annoy Dad here.

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