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Family First?

Figuring out your priorities in life is important. Your time is valuable and, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably finding it to be an increasingly rare commodity.

At the moment I find that there are three main areas of my life. – work, writing and family. What I’ve had to struggle with over the last few weeks is, in what order should I put these?

Writing’s place is easy. It comes third. I write for enjoyment, and to provide an insight into what being a new parent is like. As soon as there is any pressure on my time, I let writing go. That’s why my blogging sometimes has large gaps between posts. I’m okay with that.

My heart says family comes first, but I also have to live in the real world. At times (such as the last few weeks), my work becomes extremely demanding of my time. Things have to get done and, even though I am a reasonably good delegator, many of these things have to get done by me. Very quickly I find myself leaving for work earlier and arriving home later.

Three days in row last week I left the house at 6 am and arrived home at 6.30pm. Two nights, I had to work at home from the time Hannah fell asleep until the time I went to bed. I arrived home absolutely exhausted, but I also arrive home to an absolutely exhausted wife. My extended work hours had a negative effect on her too – she had to pick up my slack on the home front.

My time with Hannah was limited to a quick cuddle, throwing her (not literally) into the bath, dressing her for bed and the handing her back to Emma for her bed-time feed. Hardly quality time spent with the family.

Obviously, in the past few weeks at least, I’ve have put work as my first priority. I’m sure this is a problem faced by most working parents.

I’d love to know what others do to find the balance between work and family, and I’d especially like to know how you’ve managed to put family first.

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