Epson SureColor P706 and SureColor P906: Professional photo printing for the masses

The new (July 2020) Epson SureColor P706 and SureColor P906 are exciting prospects for small photographers, graphic designers, fine art and illustration businesses, but the small size, inviting price tag and impressive capability may just bring photographic printing into the hands of enthusiast photographers. Professional-quality home printing for the masses? Yes please.

It wasn’t so long ago that the cost of entry into the photography world would have proved too high for hobbyists like me. Equipment was bulky and expensive and the cost of film prohibitive, and all of that before the challenges of developing the film. Then came the digital revolution and extremely capable DSLR equipment quickly found its way into the hands of consumers.

Computer processing replaced costly and time-consuming film development and all of a sudden anyone could do it! Except, there is still a problem. I speak from experience when I say that too often precious time is spent meticulously planning and taking the photo, carefully editing the photo, then… nothing.

Posted on social media, perhaps.

Shown to long-suffering family who are forced to sit in front of the television and watch a slide show of every amazing landscape taken since the last time they visited? Most definitely.

Or optimistically uploaded to a print-on-demand website where so much is promised but so little delivered. Probably not (lesson learnt).

Thanks to Epson’s newest professional-grade photograph printers, those precious photos don’t have to be doomed to a life stuck on digital storage!



With a recommended retail price of $1295 for the SureColor P706 and $1995 for the SureColor P906, both these printers are affordable by photography equipment standards. Epson have over 20 years of experience producing well-respected large format professional printers and this technological know-how is very much on show here.

The smallest professional A3+ and A2+ printers in their class, the P706 and P906 both use a 10-channel MicroPiezo® printhead, with dedicated channels for both photo and matte black inks – no ink switching necessary! Advanced techniques, such as UltraChrome PRO10 Ink with Violet and the Carbon Black Driver mode should produce exceptional, long lasting museum-quality prints – Epson expect colour prints to last up to 200 years and black-and-white prints to last up to 400 years.

Epson recognise the increasing prevalence of mobile devices in the workflow of modern professional creatives (and amateur hobbyists) and have incorporated full support and colour management tools into iPhone and iPad printing.

For those of us who love to stitch together panoramic landscapes, the new Epson SureColor printers are a particularly exciting proposition. The SureColor P706 can accommodate both roll and cut sheet media, and the SureColor P906 accommodates cut sheet media and an optional fully enclosed roll media adapter supports both 2-inch and 3-inch rolls and roll printing up to -18m long. Wall-to-wall panoramas? Why not!

Nice to have features include a 4.3-inch customisable touchscreen, upgraded wireless connectivity including 5GHz and an interior LED light to watch the progress of your prints.


The SureColor P706 (RRP $1,295 including GST) and SureColor P906 (RRP $1,995 including GST) will be available from July onwards on and through Epson Authorised Resellers across Australia. Perhaps now is the time to take a closer look at adding the final piece of the puzzle – printing  – to your photography gear.

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