Do Amazing Things (The 10 Kilometre Run)

This time last year, I could barely run two kilometres.

I didn’t believe that I was terribly unfit, but I knew I wasn’t at my peak. It was a bit of an eye-opener when I eventually took the plunge and decided to take up running again.

The journey has had plenty of ups and downs. I’ve experienced rapid gains and frustrating plateaus. I’ve been knocked around by illnesses that didn’t ever seem to quit, and worried that I would be right back at step one again.

But I have persisted, and that persistence has paid off.

For the first time in my life, I have run ten kilometres!


The 10 Kilometre Run

This is an extremely important milestone for me. With the City2Surf rapidly approaching, I decided that it was time to see just how far I can now run.

To aid my endeavour, I set about finding the flattest track in all of Sydney. I found it on the Botany Bay foreshore – not a hill in sight!

I left from Sandringham in near complete darkness. It’s fair to say that it isn’t a well-lit track. Nevertheless, it is a stunning place to run.

As always I had my Fitbit on my wrist and my magnificent Beoplay E8 earbuds in my ears, with Spotify Premium blasting out my favourite running playlist (Spotify Premium, if anyone was wondering…). I also had my new hooded running jacket, which did a mighty job of keeping out the mid-winter, predawn chill. My only discomfort was caused by the healing skin on the back of my heel – it had been shredded on a previous run courtesy of a new pair of shoes.

My goal was to run to the Brighton Novotel, however far that may be. I had guessed it was approximately five kilometres and, sure enough, it was almost spot on! Unfortunately my Fitbit Blaze had lost GPS connection through my phone, so I could only guess the distance during the run. I measured the run on Google Maps when I got home.


It felt amazing to run a full ten kilometres. For the first time in a long time I feel truly fit. I feel ready to take on the City2Surf and, importantly, to have running as a consistent part of my long term fitness plans well beyond the race. It is such a simple way to develop fitness, no fancy equipment or expensive gym memberships necessary.


After the Run

As is my usual ritual, I took some time after the run to soak in the sunrise. Perfectly positioned clouds added a whole lot of drama to the scene as the sun rose over Botany Bay, with the cranes of Port Botany silhouetted by the sun. The perfect end to a brilliant run, and the perfect start to the day!


Botany Bay Sunrise after the 10 kilometre run


A Little Help From My Mates (Product Disclosure)

The Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 headphones were provided to Blog of Dad free of charge, to use during training for the City2Ssurf. If I’m going to train for one of the best running races on Earth, I may as well use the best equipment!

Spotify has provided Blog of Dad with a Premium Spotify subscription to help motivate me. Nothing gets you moving better than a kick-arse soundtrack! Spotify Premium is the perfect partner to the Beoplay E8 earbuds.

The Fitbit Blaze was provided to Blog of Dad for inclusion in the 2017 Christmas Gift Guide for Dads. It has been a vital part of my running regime ever since – a constant motivator of self-improvement strapped to my wrist!

I use Tanita’s brilliant RD-953 Body Composition Monitor to monitor my inner fitness. It tells me all I want to know about the parts I can’t see.

I have been given complimentary entry into the 2018 City2Surf, to help inspire me on my fitness journey.

To find out more, read my disclosure statement.

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