D-Link COVR-1103 and COVR-1100

Wonderful news for anyone seeking awesome, no-fuss mesh Wi-Fi – D-Link have just expanded their brilliant EasyMesh COVR range! The new additions include the three unit pack COVR-1103 and the single add-on unit COVR-1100.

I was blown away by D-Link’s budget-friendly COVR-1102 when I installed it in my townhouse a few months ago. The coverage offered by these tiny, unobtrusive mesh units is remarkable. While the 2-point COVR-1102 setup covers my needs well, the COVR-1103 might just be the out-of-the-box solution that those with larger homes need. Owners of large family homes upgrading from a single wireless router will wonder where this three-point mesh system has been their whole life!


The new D-Link COVR-1100 AC1200 single unit Seamless Mesh Wi-Fi System


The COVR-1100 offers an easy way to expand the coverage of your existing COVR-1102 or COVR-1103 by adding an additional point. It is perfect if you happen to find any coverage blackspots in the deepest, darkest corners of your house. This easy expandability of the D-Link COVR system means it can be perfectly adapted to suit the specific needs of any household.

The COVR-1100, COVR-1102 and COVR-1103 units all feature high-speed AC1200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi and 11ac Wave 2 with MU-MIMO, to provide fast and reliable connections even when multiple devices are demanding bandwidth.


The new D-Link COVR-1103 AC1200 triple unit Seamless Mesh Wi-Fi System


Optional wired ethernet backhaul provides users with even more options for ensuring a fast and reliable connection to every corner of the house and the super user-friendly app makes setup a breeze. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integration add extra levels of user control to the D-Link COVR systems, while extras such as parental controls and Quick VPN add functionality, safety and security to users who need it. Speaking of security, the D-Link COVR range supports the latest WPA3 security standard.

If your home router is failing to produce the quality of Wi-Fi connection that enables you to take full advantage of NBN speeds in your home, a D-Link COVR mesh Wi-Fi solution might be just what you need. And with the release of the COVR-1100 and COVR-1103, there is now a D-Link COVR mesh system for everyone!



The COVR-1100 – AUD$179.95, NZ$199.99

COVR-1102 – AUD$299.95, NZ$329.99

COVR-1103 – AUD$399.95, NZ$429.99

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