Cronulla Baths Sunrise

Cronulla Baths Sunrise

The Week’s My Sunday Photo is a flashback. It’s called Cronulla Baths Sunrise.

I haven’t had much time to get out and about with the camera this week, so I’m cheating and throwing in a flashback. Those of you familiar with my blog might remember that in April I posted a My Sunday Photo called Staring At The Sun. It was taken on a sunrise trip to Cronulla, in which I attempted to capture a photo for Emma’s birthday. Ultimately I succeeded in that goal and we have the photo hanging on our wall at home.

This photo is one of the ‘contenders’. I managed to shoot several decent panoramas, each capturing a slightly different aspect of the wonderful Cronulla baths and South Cronulla beach (click on picture to see it in all its glory!).

I like the way that this one shows some human activity at the baths. I admire (and am slightly jealous of) those regular visitors who make the sunrise trip to the baths for a swim. If you look carefully, you can see one person making his way over to the baths, while another is already swimming in the otherwise still water.

I also like the cloud formation in the sky. It’s slightly ominous, as if the beautiful start to the morning may quickly be consumed by a wild storm.



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  1. Hi James, I do like an early morning swim here, but even in the height of summer I can find it chilly first thing, so would probably forego a sunrise swim in the UK! I do like your photograph, very atmospheric and I do admire those very brave people!

    Debbie Roberts recently posted…Yay!.. The Sunrise!My Profile

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