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Kyoto – Fire and the Replica City

If you are ever lucky enough to travel to Japan, Kyoto should be high on your list of places to visit. It offers a contrast to the neon lights of ultra-modern Tokyo – a glimpse of Japan’s history and tradition.

At first glance, much of the city appears to be ancient. Great temples and shrines can be found around every corner. Nijo Castle and The Imperial Palace dominate the northern part of the city on the map. Yet, All isn’t quite as it seems…
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Kyoto at Night

My Sunday Photo – Kyoto At Night

My Sunday Photo for this week is titled Kyoto at Night

That’s right, yet another series of photos from Japan this week. Can you blame me? The county is extremely photogenic and for a want-to-be photographer like me the opportunities were endless. Kyoto was a particular favourite of mine – I’m sure you can see why! One of my favourite things to do was head out after Hannah had gone to bed and shoot some scenes from Kyoto at night.
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