Roppongi Dusk

Roppongi – the best place in Tokyo to stay with kids?

Is Roppongi the best place to stay in Tokyo with young children? This dad thinks so.   Roppongi’s Dubious Past Search “Roppongi” on Google and you will find an endless supply of articles describing the area as having a vibrant nightlife. Add to that the Smart Traveller warning specifically about the dangers to tourists in the Roppongi area, and you […]

Higashi Honganji Temple, Kyoto

My Sunday Photo – Higashi Honganji Temple

My Sunday Photo for this week is Higashi Honganji Temple I’m back this week for My Sunday Photo, after last week’s absence due to a poor internet connection. For one of the most advanced nations on Earth, Japan sure does have some dodgy wireless networks. I managed to fill three, 32gb memory cards with photos during our Japan adventure, so choosing […]

Shibuya Scramble Intersection

Shibuya: the busiest place on earth

Where better place to take a toddler than the world’s busiest intersection? Welcome to Shibuya, the western gateway from Tokyo’s suburbs to the city.   The Scramble Intersection – Shibuya The “Scramble Intersection” is the number one reason that tourists travel to Shibuya. That may seem like a strange reason to travel somewhere, but the crossing event that happens every […]

Spotify Premium songs

Spotify – The Top 5 Ultimate Songs For International Adventures with a Toddler

When I contacted Spotify to ask if they would be interested in participating in the Travelling to Japan With a Toddler feature, it was because I thought the songs of Spotify Premium would be extremely useful to have on the plane. I wasn’t wrong. We played Spotify premium over Hannah’s Puro Sound Labs headphones at several key points throughout the flights. Hannah loved […]

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