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Break on Through

A few weeks ago I wrote about the plateaus and potholes of running. I had made plenty of quick gains, but found that the going got a lot harder after that. However, I knew that I had to persist and that sooner or later, I would see improvements again.

Last Saturday morning I woke up at the usual 5 am. It was an effort – there is always a large part of me that wishes to stay in bed on a Saturday morning. But I know how important it is to keep going, so out the door I went.

As I walked out the front door, the familiar voice of Jim Morrison blared through my earbuds. He urged me to break on through to the other side. Yes, I know he was most likely referring to drug use, but in my immediate context I took it as a pep talk from the long-departed legend of rock. It was time for me to break on through – time to move off the plateau and run hard. There and then I decided to run an extra kilometre. For possibly the first time in my life, I would run six kilometres.

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Plateaus and Potholes

I have written a few times about my personal fitness journey that started towards the end of last year. The catalyst of a kidney stone was more than enough of a wake-up call for me to make some key changes and improve my health.

I was initially surprised by just how unfit I had become. However, once I took the leap and began excessing regularly, I was pleased by the speed with which I made some fairly significant fitness gains. I found that setting small goals helped to keep me motivated and to push me that little bit further.

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Dad Fitness - Blog of Dad

Big Progress Through Small Goals

I recently wrote about the little changes that I am making to improve my health, following an unfortunate incident with a kidney stone. As painful as the experience was, it was a great wake-up call – a motivator to live a healthier life.

One of my biggest focusses has been exercise. While this is not directly related to the cause of the kidney stone (hello junk food!), I know that a sedentary lifestyle was beginning to impact other aspects of my health. The kidney stone made me realise that avoidable, self-inflicted health problems are painful, a little embarrassing and not at all worth whatever it was that I had sacrificed my health for in the first place.

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Running at sunrise to become a healthier dad

Step By Step – a Healthier Dad

When I was younger, I was active. I played a lot of sport because I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the teamwork, I enjoyed being around my friends, I enjoyed the challenge and I enjoyed the feeling of running fast and playing hard.

As I aged, things changed. I still enjoyed the concept of playing sport, but adult life began to get in the way. The teams that I played with slowly disbanded, and gradually I became less active.

Not long ago, I began to realise that I was living a fairly sedentary lifestyle. I was working hard and hadn’t taken the time to think about the impact that a lack of exercise was having on my overall health. It sounds funny, but it didn’t help that I am apparently physically unable to “get fat” – while my body looked healthy enough, it was slowly starting to struggle.

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