Duplo Fun

My Sunday Photo – Duplo Fun

My Sunday Photo for this week is titled Duplo Fun

It’s been a fairly quiet week for me photo-wise, but I did manage to capture this moment of Duplo fun. It was no great feat to capture this, Hannah and I play together with Duplo almost every day. What I often forget to do is have the camera ready to capture our creations.

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Water Fun in wading pool

My Sunday Photo – Water Fun

My Sunday Photo this week is titled Water Fun

It’s the middle of summer here in Sydney and we have had some hot days. Last Sunday, Sydney was the hottest place on earth. The suburb of Penrith recorded 47.3 degrees Celsius! Luckily, we have some pretty great ways to stay cool – air-conditioning, beaches, local pools, and the good old wading pool in the backyard. We have been taking full advantage of each one of those options, but these particular photos come from some water fun in a wading pool.
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