prams at Cronulla Beach, a little taste of Spring

My Sunday Photo – A Little Taste of Spring

My Sunday Photo for this week is from another stunning Sydney Sunday. It’s hard to call it “Winter” when the temperature reaches 27 degrees Celsius, so I’m going with A Little Taste of Spring.

The forecast had promised this perfect day all week, and it really didn’t disappoint. We planned to make the most of it, so we got out fairly early and headed deep into the Sutherland Shire. Our destination, Cronulla Beach.

When we arrived, the Cronulla area was already teeming with people. However, we quickly found a parking space and set off for a walk. After a cheeky bacon and egg roll and coffee from a small café, we headed down to the beach. Hannah had a great time in the sand. She found some seaweed and studied it intently. She also took great pleasure in walking and falling down on the soft, uneven surface of the beach. Click on each photo to see it in all its glory!



It was a stunning day to be out and about. A little taste of Spring after some fairly cold (by Sydney standards) Winter’s days.

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Tomato Plant Flower

My Sunday Photo – The Confused Tomato Plant

My Sunday Photo for this week is of my confused tomato plant.

I’m not much of a green thumb. I have a little vegetable garden and a nifty vertical garden in the back yard of our townhouse. Over the years I have tried growing things, with varying degrees of success. It turn out that I’m a most excellent chili farmer, but I’m not really great at anything else. So I guess it should have come as no surprise that I have managed to confuse a tomato plant.

Last Spring I purchased a small tomato plant form a local nursery. It grew rapidly, flowered, fruited a couple of times, then suddenly and inexplicably (do tomato plants need water?) died. Of the small bounty of fruit, a few were attacked by caterpillars. These half-eaten tomatoes must have dropped back into the garden bed.

I thought nothing more of that failed attempt to grow tomatoes. That was, until mid-Autumn, when a curious little plant emerged from the soil. Once again it grew rapidly, and soon enough the familiar shape of a tomato plant emerged.

I wasn’t too interested in this development. Winter was fast approaching after all, and my limited experience in the garden told me that the new plant would quickly die off. Nothing to get excited about. I didn’t bother to water it (again) and the cold weather kept me from spending much time in the backyard.

The other day, however, I had a closer look. The tomato plant was now huge, and, much to my surprise, small flowers had emerged. Could it be that this tenacious little wonder is determined to live, despite my careless treatment? Is it possible that it will gift me mid-winter tomatoes? Time will tell…


Tomato Plant Flower


If you have any tips for keeping this little wonder going, please leave them in the comments below. Your reward will be a photo of a delicious, red tomato, should one grow!

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Japan, Shibuya Crossing

My Sunday Photo – Japan Flashback

My Sunday Photo for this week is a flashback to our last visit to Japan.

Why am I digging through the archives for this week’s photo? Because this week we finally took the plunge and booked our end of year trip to Japan!

I cannot tell you how excited I am! Japan is one of my absolute, all-time favourite countries to visit. It is a place that I highly recommend everyone visits at some point in their life.

Our last trip was several years ago now, and it was before Hannah was born. We have been contemplating this adventure for a while, but we chickened out a couple of times last year because we felt that Hannah was just to young to enjoy it. This time, however, we were brave enough to give it a go!

This photo is of the famous Shibuya Crossing. It is my understanding that it is the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world. This photo gives you an indication of just how many people use it throughout the day. It was not even taken at a peak time. Click on the photo to enlarge.

Hopefully you enjoy photos of Japan, because by the end of the year, Blog Of Dad’s My Sunday Photo will be full of them!


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Symbio Zoo, Monkey

My Sunday Photos – Symbio Zoo

My Sunday Photo for this week is a collection of my favourite photos from our recent visit to Symbio Zoo.

Zoos are strange places and they fill me with conflicting emotions. On the one hand I am able to see some of the most amazing creatures from around the world, up close and live. There’s something really special about that. On the other hand, I feel a huge amount of sadness for these brilliant animals that have been removed from their natural habitat and are living the rest of their lives in captivity.

Symbio Zoo does appear to be very aware of this. They really do appear to have put a lot of effort into creating appropriate enclosures. They are also very strong on conservation and the role that they can play in protecting some species from extinction.

The photos that I have chosen to include in this post today are my top photos from out visit. They are some of the most photogenic animals I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing! Hannah had a wonderful day meeting these amazing animals too.

Click on each photo to see the full size image.



Click here for the full gallery and detailed review of Symbio Zoo



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Cronulla Baths Sunrise

Cronulla Baths Sunrise

The Week’s My Sunday Photo is a flashback. It’s called Cronulla Baths Sunrise.

I haven’t had much time to get out and about with the camera this week, so I’m cheating and throwing in a flashback. Those of you familiar with my blog might remember that in April I posted a My Sunday Photo called Staring At The Sun. It was taken on a sunrise trip to Cronulla, in which I attempted to capture a photo for Emma’s birthday. Ultimately I succeeded in that goal and we have the photo hanging on our wall at home.

This photo is one of the ‘contenders’. I managed to shoot several decent panoramas, each capturing a slightly different aspect of the wonderful Cronulla baths and South Cronulla beach (click on picture to see it in all its glory!).

I like the way that this one shows some human activity at the baths. I admire (and am slightly jealous of) those regular visitors who make the sunrise trip to the baths for a swim. If you look carefully, you can see one person making his way over to the baths, while another is already swimming in the otherwise still water.

I also like the cloud formation in the sky. It’s slightly ominous, as if the beautiful start to the morning may quickly be consumed by a wild storm.


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