8 hour steak, scotch fillet

My Sunday Photo – The 8 Hour Steak

My Sunday Photo for this week is titled The 8 Hour Steak

The title for this photo pretty well says it all. This excellent scotch fillet (rib eye) spent a glorious eight hours in the oven at just 60 degrees Celsius. I turned the oven up to 120 for the final 10 minutes. The 8 hour steak is an ultimate example of my cooking motto – low and slow.

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Fitness break on through

My Sunday Photo – Dad and Daughter Day

My Sunday Photo for this week is titled Dad and Daughter Day

Earlier this week Hannah and I had a rare day of completely unstructured activities. It was the first time in weeks that we hadn’t had a doctor’s appointment or playgroup or a visit to a childcare centre. We had a whole day just to ourselves, to do whatever we wanted.

I let Hannah take the lead. In the morning I asked her what she wanted to do. Her response was a blank look followed by a big smile. She is 18 months old after all and despite her astounding levels of comprehension, she is still unable to answer open-ended questions in a meaningful way.

I rephrased my question to “D0 you want to go to the park?”

A smile and a single, distinct nod informed me that it was indeed what she wanted to do.

“Do you want to scoot?”

Again, a large nod.

We had a great time in the park. Hannah rode her scooter for three kilometres as I pushed, which I appreciated because I had been lazy that morning and not gotten out of bed for my usual run.

Then we stopped for a banana break before Hannah had her first ever attempt at scooting in the standing position. She did a fantastic job, although she used the assistance of a strong wind to push her along like a sailboat. She still doesn’t quite comprehend the whole use your foot to push thing.

We had a wonderful, unstructured dad and daughter day. It reminded me that sometimes it is important to take things as they come and to leave enough room in a busy schedule to just play!

Dad and Daughter Day on scooter 


Today is Father’s Day in Australia, so a huge Happy Father’s Day to all of the wonderful dads out there!

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On The Swings

My Sunday Photo – On The Swings

My Sunday Photo for this week is titled On The Swings

When your child loves the swings as much as Hannah does, you spend a large portion of your life in playgrounds and parks. So it was that on a beautiful late-winter’s day, we found ourselves at yet another of Sydney’s finest swing sets.

The good thing about Hannah’s swing addiction (other than her smiling face of pure enjoyment), is it gives me time to play with photography.

After capturing about a thousand shots of my favourite toothy grin, I set my sites on some more creative images. I slowed down the shutter speed, narrowed the aperture and steadied myself to catch the motion of the swings. It took a few goes, but I finally captured a couple of interesting photos.


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Hannah on Globber Scooter in the park

My Sunday Photo – Scooter in the Park

My Sunday Photo for this week is of Hannah’s first ride of her scooter in the park

On Friday, Hannah’s new Globber scooter arrived (you can read my first impressions post here). naturally, that meant that we were destined to spend a large portion of our weekend on the local bike tracks.

It was a slow start to Hannah’s scooting career, mainly due to a reluctance to don a helmet, but once we got going, there was no stopping her (at least until she’d had enough of the helmet again)!


Hannah with Globber scooter ride in park helmet


Hannah covered a solid distance for her first ever go! I would estimate it at about a kilometre in total of riding. She also then walked a further half a kilometre when she decided that she wanted to be like mum and push the scooter by the handlebars. No wonder she was tired by the time we left the park.


Globber scooter in the park pushed by toddler


Hannah was happy to push herself along for a little while, but the squeals of joy really came out when I started pushing with a bit of speed! She loved experimenting with her feet by dragging them along the ground, or placing her foot on the wheel to feel the movement (see the picture below). I don’t think that pair of socks will ever be the same. As for the shoes, they may not be long for this world…


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Dream Machines Exhibition, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery

My Sunday Photo – Dream Machines at Hazelhurst Regional…

My Sunday Photo for this week was taken at the Dream Machines exhibition, at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery

It was a fairly gloomy-looking Saturday, so we went in search of indoors fun. A quick trip into the Sutherland Shire brought us to the Hazelhurst Regional Gallery. The exhibition that we had come to see was called Dream Machines. It had sparked my interest when I watched the promotional video on their website.

Surprisingly, the gallery was fairly empty when we arrived. I can’t say the same for the attached café, which always seems to be teeming with life whenever we have ventured into this Gymea gem. I blame the Roti Stack, it’s a seriously tasty Rogan Josh dish. But I digress, the actual gallery its self was fairly devoid of human life.

Unfortunately, Hannah did not last long in the Dream Machines exhibition. The concepts were a bit beyond her level of comprehension and the darkened room appeared to intimidate her a little. Emma and Hannah quickly left the exhibition in search of lighter, more toddler-friendly parts of the gallery.

I stayed for a while to enjoy the various contraptions that had been built by a range of interesting Australian artists. I admire those in our society with a creative spirit, and each of the artists featured in this exhibition are very much “outside the box” thinkers. While I enjoyed all of the featured works, the one that most caught my eye was This Isn’t Happening, by Jacki Middleton and David Lawrey.

The thing I really enjoyed about this set of three miniature scenes was the element of human interaction that was required to make them work. A wind-up handle enabled the viewer to set the tiny figure in motion as she completed some fairly undesirable household tasks. As no-one else was around, I took the opportunity to take a couple of photos so that I could share the exhibition here and encourage others to get over to Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and have a look.


Dream Machines Exhibition, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery

This photo was my favourite, because it shows the detail of the miniature figure and the movement of the hand with the cleaning cloth. The look on the character’s face says it all. I bet a few of you have had that look before, I know I have.

I thought the exhibition was well worth checking out. Best of all, it’s free to enter (although they do accept donations and you will probably end up spending some money at their excellent café!). More information can be found on the Hazelhurst Regional Galley website.


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