How to Feed a Baby Solids

The transition from breast or bottle to solids is a magical time. It is a time for discovery, imagination and re-assessing your own ideas of what constitutes cleanliness in your house.


If you are just about to take the first steps down this wild path, you’ve come to the right place. As a parent who has been studying this process for the past three months, I know everything there is to know about starting a baby on solids. So take out a pen and scribble some notes into your parenting notebook. (You do have a parenting notebook, don’t you?)

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Parenting Pro-tips

Who am I kidding? I’m far from an expert at the business of parenting. As a type this, my 8 month-old baby is lying on cold, hard tiles trying to jam a steak knife into a power point. Take my “advice” with a grain of salt.


  1. Dads, before buying a change table, check its height in relation to your groin (especially if you plan on having a second).
  2. The less it looks like a toy to you, the more it looks like a toy to them.
  3. ALWAYS pack a change of clothes.
  4. Only place high chairs over surfaces that can be hosed down.
  5. Lower the benchmark for what constitutes “clean” in your house.
  6. Presidents of The United States of America songs are a perfectly reasonable substitute for nursery rhymes (except Kitty, don’t play Kitty).
  7. Don’t judge other parents. Ever. It will happen to you.
  8. The phrase “Nah, we don’t need to take the nappy bag” WILL incite the most horrific of nappy blowouts.
  9. Talking to the person in the drive-through now counts as social interaction. Good for you, you social butterfly!
  10. Find the funny side. Life is more fun when you can laugh about it!
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Pelican Feeding

Road Trip!

Emma and I had been discussing the idea of a holiday for a while. In our imagination it seemed like a wonderful idea. Escape Sydney for a few weeks, go somewhere far away from work and housework, and show Hannah a new part of the world.

Before Hannah was born we had romantic notions of returning to Japan – the scene of our honeymoon. These dreams vanished pretty quickly as the logistics of baby wrangling became apparent. We found ourselves unable to go for a walk to the shops without a large stroller, nappy bag, three changes of clothes and a week’s worth of food for Hannah, so there was no way we would be able to fit within the weight restrictions of commercial air travel. Also, the idea of ten long hours on a plane… Instead we promised ourselves that, this time next year, we would be on our way to the Land of the Rising Sun.

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