The Beach

In our house the first signs of summer mean one thing – beach time!


With the temperature hovering around 30 degrees (Celsius) we decided it was as good a time as any to introduce Hannah to one of our fine local beaches.


It was mid-afternoon when we arrived. There was a buzz in the air and it became obvious that many other people were taking advantage of the warmer weather. Hannah seemed to tune in to the buzz. She became excited from the moment I removed her from her car seat. As I carried her through the park, she looked around in wide-eyed amazement. She loudly exclaimed with ga’s and da’s as she took in the scene.

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The Very Curious Caterpillar

Hannah’s room has already had several re-modellings over the past year. It started with a new colour scheme (grey with pink cornices), the addition of white furniture (some kindly given, some purchased) and a wall-hanging fabric that Emma had up in her room when she was a baby. While we loved the fabric, it had become a bit of a problem, as the bright colours attracted Hannah and so she would grab it and pull it down. Now that Hannah was capable of traversing the entire room at lightning speed (through a mixture of rolling and back-crawling), we felt it a bit dangerous and so decided to replace it.

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The First Joke

I’ve been doing things to make my baby laugh ever since the first giggle escaped her lips. The sound of her laughing is enough to make me forget everything else and live purely in that moment. I’d do anything to coerce a giggle from her – silly sounds, dance around like a lunatic, hide and seek, funny voices, let her pull my hair…

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High Temperatures and Runny Noses

Finally, it happened.

After over seven months of baby bliss (okay, this is an exaggeration, but stay with me) Emma and I were woken by a soft whimpering coming from Hannah’s bedroom at five in the morning. I know what you are thinking – isn’t crying at ungodly hours a rite of passage of new parents? Well, for us it was highly unusual. Hannah has been a capable night-time sleeper since birth. Other than a few restless nights early on, she has followed baby night-time sleeping patterns to the letter. So, when we heard those soft little sorrowful sounds, we knew straight away something was up.


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You See Me Rolling

Milestones. These are potentially a dangerous trap for parents. Those overly focused on what their baby should be doing can become acutely aware of when their child has not done something at the time they are supposed to. This can lead to anxiety and stress. Too much focus on milestone achievement can also lead to competitive parenting, especially at a time when pre-kindy achievements can be shared and compared with the click of a button.

I’ve tried to avoid the idea of milestones as much as possible. Obviously, they have their place as a rough guide to expected paths of development. They are used to identify the need for early intervention – something that has been proven to assist in realising positive outcomes later in life. Other than that, milestones to me are something to be enjoyed as they happen, and an opportunity to reflect on how far this amazing human has come in such a short time.

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