Professor Kelly, Your Family Is Awesome!

The other day Emma showed me this fantastic video. I couldn’t help but have a giggle, then a full-blown laugh, as Professor Robert Kelly’s family make their entrances one-by-one.

I don’t know Professor Kelly, but he appeared to be conducting a very serious interview about a very serious topic. Luckily, his wonderful family soon lightened the mood.


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The Men I Least Want My Daughter To Date…

I’ll admit it, I briefly laughed the first time I saw a set of testicles hanging from the tow bar of a ute. It appealed to my juvenile sense of humour – Haha, that car has balls!

By the tenth time, the joke was starting to wear thin. By the hundredth, I began to have serious doubts about the ability of a certain kind of young bloke to think for himself. These days they are so prevalent on the back of utes driven by young Australian men that I wonder whether car companies are offering them as an optional extra. Nuts on utes are a part of life in this country.

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Top 5 Video Games That Kick Me Right In…

Welcome to this week’s post on the Top 5 Video Games That Kick Me Right In The Nostalgia. Strap yourself in for a blast from the past, a drive down memory lane.


Below I cover the top 5 video games that give me that sense of longing for long gone days of tiny CRT screens, floppy disks, cartridges and controllers with three or less buttons. If this post gets your 8-bit blood pumping, go ahead and leave your own list in the comments, or, better yet, write your own post and drop the link in the comments. Don’t forget to include a link back here, so that your readers can also see my sweet list!
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