My Sunday Photo – The Joys of Dirt

My first ever My Sunday Photo – The Joys of Dirt

I took this photo on our afternoon visit to the local park, today. Hannah had the place to herself for most of the time that we were there, and she chose to spend a large part of that time playing in the wood chips. Today, she truly discovered the joys of dirt!

Recent rain meant that it was pretty damp below the surface of the woodchips. Hannah soon found that it was fun to play with both the wood and the dirt below it.

As our time in the playground came to an end, we were briefly joined by another little girl. She was about 5 years old. She took an instant liking to Hannah, and Hannah was, as always, infatuated by this older girl. They played together for a little while. mostly on the equipment. Hannah studied her every move. She even nearly followed her over the edge of the fireman’s pole!

It reminded me what childhood is all about – that dirt washes off, but experiences last a lifetime!

My Sunday Photo, playing in dirt, joys of dirt

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Why I Dislike Gender Stereotyping in Kid’s Toys

When I was five or six years old, I begged my parents to buy me a pink, flower-covered picnic set. I wanted it so that I could have tea parties.

My parents initially seemed a bit worried. They checked with me several times, to see if the pink one was the one that I really wanted. I assured them that it was (the colour had nothing to do with it, the sheer amount of goodness inside, as well as the handy carry-basket was what swayed me). Once they were sure that it really was what I wanted, they bought it for me for my birthday.

I had great times with that picnic set. I set up tea-parties (complete with lukewarm, milky, sugary tea and biscuits) for my parents, for my brothers and, if no-one else was interested, for my toys. The colour of the toy and it’s intended demographic were completely irrelevant. I had fun.

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Own Two Feet

Stand On Your Own Two Feet

The most glorious thing happened this weekend – Hannah learnt how to stand on her own two feet.

It had been a long time coming. She has wanted desperately to spend most of her life standing, from the moment she realised it was a thing. In the early days she would cry and insist on being placed in the standing position. Immediately, a big grin would follow.

As she got older, she figured out how to pull herself up on furniture and people. She has cruised happily for months now. But she has always been reluctant to take that next leap forward – letting go.

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The Profoundly Uplifting Words of Sir Tim Smit

This post is my response to an interview on ABC radio that I happened to catch on my way home last Friday. I had never heard of Sir Tim Smit before this, yet I was blown away by some of the things he had to say. My advice is to listen to this interview in its entirety, because the brilliant words of this man might just shift your perspective, as they did mine. The interview can be found here.

I had a tear in my eye as I pulled the car into the garage. While my daughter, Hannah, slept peacefully in her car seat, I was listening to some of the most profoundly intelligent and uplifting words that I had ever heard come from the car radio. Sir Tim Smit had just managed to state, with astounding simplicity and clarity, the thoughts that had until that point been like a thick fog in my mind.

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Rhyme Time at the Local Library: the search for…

My previous post was about finding role models for my daughter in young kids, who are just slightly older than Hannah. My rationale was that they provide her with the example of what she can do next, physically, socially and intellectually. I had made a commitment to myself and to Hannah, that I would make a concerted effort to take her out of the house more and give her the opportunities to interact with and observe young kids. So today we went to rhyme time!

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