Cronulla Baths Sunrise

Cronulla Baths Sunrise

The Week’s My Sunday Photo is a flashback. It’s called Cronulla Baths Sunrise.

I haven’t had much time to get out and about with the camera this week, so I’m cheating and throwing in a flashback. Those of you familiar with my blog might remember that in April I posted a My Sunday Photo called Staring At The Sun. It was taken on a sunrise trip to Cronulla, in which I attempted to capture a photo for Emma’s birthday. Ultimately I succeeded in that goal and we have the photo hanging on our wall at home.

This photo is one of the ‘contenders’. I managed to shoot several decent panoramas, each capturing a slightly different aspect of the wonderful Cronulla baths and South Cronulla beach (click on picture to see it in all its glory!).

I like the way that this one shows some human activity at the baths. I admire (and am slightly jealous of) those regular visitors who make the sunrise trip to the baths for a swim. If you look carefully, you can see one person making his way over to the baths, while another is already swimming in the otherwise still water.

I also like the cloud formation in the sky. It’s slightly ominous, as if the beautiful start to the morning may quickly be consumed by a wild storm.


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Dad jokes, joke

How to Spot a Dad Joke

Something strange happens to many men at a certain point in their lives. It’s not so much to do with age as it is with mentality.

For me, I began to notice it several months before Hannah was born. It was a subtle, yet significant change to my persona, to my psyche. I started seeing the world in a slightly different way, as if things had ’tilted’ slightly. Different things became amusing. I began to hear words in different ways. Phrases began to escape my mouth, without filtration. It became clear to Emma, long before it was clear to me – I had begun to tell dad jokes.

This will most likely happen to you too. But fear not. Becoming a dad joker is a thing to embrace. It’s an adult milestone. Don’t fight it, enjoy it.

I’ve put together this guide to spotting dad jokes. It also contains some fine examples of the kinds of jokes you can expect to begin telling. Feel free to use them and to adapt them. No-one owns dad jokes, they belong to the universe*.


Sure-fire ways to know if you’re telling a Dad Joke:

The joke involves a pun

Often, it is based around a homophone, or around a word that sounds like a phrase with totally different meaning. Dad jokers are particularly good at this.


dad joke

Nobody laughs, except you

Indicators that you’ve just told a quality dad joke include an eyeroll by the Mrs or a groan from a child. Extreme dad jokers are sometimes even pre-empted by a “no dad, please don’t”, squealed by a child frantically searching for a normal upbringing.

Meanwhile, you find the joke that you’ve just uttered so amusing that a large grin has spread across your face. If it is particularly funny, you may even allow a large belly laugh to escape.

dad joke, bored

dad joke

A strong feeling of déjà vu

Have we been here before? Yes. Many, many times. Your wife didn’t laugh the first time you told her the joke and she sure as hell isn’t going to laugh the tenth time you say it. Dad jokers have a tendency to try and wear down their audience through repetition. It doesn’t work. Ever. But they try anyway.

dad joke, jokes


dad jokes, joke

Other dads find it funny

If you are unsure of whether you are about to tell a dad joke, quickly run it past the dads on Twitter. If they express amusement at what you have said, be warned. You are about to tell a dad joke. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say it, in fact the nature of dad jokers most likely compels you to tell it. If you’re lucky, the Twitter dads will respond to your dad joke with a smorgasbord of their own. This will provide you with a whole day’s worth of material to try out on the family.


Dad jokes, joke

Dad jokes, joke

That’s it from me. For more fantastic dad jokes, I suggest you head on over to a few of my favourite dad-bloggers and check out their fine collections:

Daddy Poppins – Dad Jokes

Virtual Wombat – 20 Eyebrow Raising Dad Jokes – Tumble Weeds Guaranteed

*Jokes may actually belong to people. If any of these jokes belong to you from a legal perspective, please let me know and I’ll remove them immediately.

Twin Mummy and Daddy
One Hull of a Dad
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Beach, Sydney, winter

My Sunday Photo – Sydney Winter

My Sunday Photo for this week is a snapshot of a perfect Winter’s day in Sydney

We woke up this morning and decided to take full advantage of a perfect day. We headed to an excellent playground next to one of Sydney’s best beaches. Hannah had a play on the equipment, then we sat on the beach to have some lunch. There were plenty of surfers in the water, enjoying some fantastic conditions. A few seagulls came over to say ‘hello’ (although I think they were more interested in whatever Hannah dropped).


beach, Sydney, winter


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A Cautionary Infographic About the Perils of Beetroot

Parents. Can I have your attention please?

I feel that it is my civic duty to share with you this cautionary tale about the perils of beetroot. I speak from experience, I speak with a heavy heart, and I speak in the visually pleasing and very ‘now’ format of an infographic.


The following are the words of my conscience from last night, as I weighed up whether to give Hannah beetroot. Before you read this, just remember – not all stories have a happy ending…


beetroot, infographic

Want to find out about more of my food adventures? Check out The World’s Worst Food Blogger.

Now, go ahead and share this handy infographic on your favourite social media sites, so that you can help other parents learn from my stupidity!

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Corella, corellas, birds, bird, feed, eating, fly, wings, pigeon

The Birds

A few days ago I wrote about my trip to the beach to capture the perfect sunrise. While things didn’t go exactly as planned, I was fortunate enough to walk away with some pretty decent shots. One thing that I didn’t include in that post was the chance encounter with some birds.

Since I started taking photographs as a hobby a few years ago, I’ve been fascinated by birds. Whenever I have the chance, I try to take some shots with my 55-300 mm lens at the fastest speeds that the light will allow. I love freezing the motion of birds that way. They have the most interesting movement and expression.

The Birds

As I walked back to my car following the sunrise photoshoot, I stumbled upon the most amazing scene. A woman was feeding a large flock of birds seed from a substantial bucket. The flock mainly consisted of Corellas, but there were also a few game pigeons and one or two other species (click on the photos for full view).



I had the rising sun behind me and it provided the perfect light for photographing these interesting creatures at high speed. I crouched down low and fired away. The sheer number of birds and the speed at which they moved made it very difficult to pick a subject in each shot, so I took a stack of photos and hoped for the best.

In amongst the chaos, there were a couple of things that caught my eye. The first was these two feisty fellows, who had a small tussle in amongst the flock. I’m not sure what it was about, and from the photo it almost looks as if they were just playing around.


brids, playing, corella, sunrise, corellas


The second point of interest was this lone parrot. I have no idea what he/she is, so if you happen to know, please leave it in the comments below. This bird stood out because it was the only of its type in sight.


Twin Mummy and Daddy
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