Grey-headed flying fox

My Sunday Photo – Grey-headed Flying Fox

My Sunday Photo for this week is Titled Grey-headed Flying Fox

A lot of people are creeped out by these little beauties, but if you ask me, the grey-headed flying fox is a wonderful creature. Sure, they can carry disease and can be very noisy in a large colony, but they also do a whole load of good for the environment. The grey-headed flying fox is a key player in promoting biodiversity and cross-pollination.

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Dad Fitness - Blog of Dad

Plateaus and Potholes

I have written a few times about my personal fitness journey that started towards the end of last year. The catalyst of a kidney stone was more than enough of a wake-up call for me to make some key changes and improve my health.

I was initially surprised by just how unfit I had become. However, once I took the leap and began excessing regularly, I was pleased by the speed with which I made some fairly significant fitness gains. I found that setting small goals helped to keep me motivated and to push me that little bit further.

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WÜSTHOF Whetstone and slider guide

New Skills – The WÜSTHOF Whetstone

There is nothing more important in the kitchen than a good knife… except perhaps a set of good knives.

I discovered this several years ago when I happened to impulse buy a set of WÜSTHOF knives in a closing-down sale. That purchase opened my eyes to the difference between a kitchen knife and a good kitchen knife. I have never looked back.

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